January 4, 2022   

The 2022 Lighting Industry Crystal Ball

Al, Michael and Greg discuss the year ahead in the commercial lighting industry.

Michael & Greg from the Get a Grip on Lighting podcast invited Al to discuss the recently published 13 Lighting Predictions for 2022  – always an inside.lighting crowd-pleaser.


1:17   Is this the end of Al's career?
2:42   The "switcharoo" or increased service & transparency through technology?
7:10   Quality light can improve the lives of people.  But when will wellness practices be widely adopted?
12:00   Quality of light versus a quantity of lumens. 
14:35   Will manufacturers localize production to reduce supply chain challenges?
19:15   Will we see 80CRI and below go away?
22:10   How will supply, demand and inflation impact the year ahead?
25:05   Pandemic challenges, hands-on lighting sales and ecommerce.
28:41   Are the next great lighting innovations going to occur outside the realm of general illumination?
32:00   Collaboration among various fragments of the lighting industry
36:20   The important, but sometimes unnoticed impact of good architectural lighting design
39:14   Will 2022 be the year that in-person lighting events come back? 
41:42   Lighting brands and how they resonate with customers.


Get a Grip on Lighting


Listen to gripping discussions about hot topics in the lighting industry by tuning into the Get a Grip on Lighting podcast series. Produced by Michael Colligan of Atlas Lighting and Greg Ehrich of Premier Lighting, the podcasts provide a unique forum for industry thought leaders.

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