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   October 22, 2021   

The Revitalization of Hotel Dupont

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Where History and Modern Opportunity Collide


Irvine, California - In partnership with Luminosity Lighting Associates, The Smart Lighting Company and EOS jointly created an impressive entryway effect at the iconic Hotel Dupont in order to refresh this historic space that has served as the symbol of luxury and decadence in downtown Wilmington, Delaware for over a century. 

Since 1908, the Dupont Building, located at 1007 Market Street in Wilmington, Delaware, has been a place of opportunity while staying true to its historic, storied roots. As one of the first high-rise buildings in Wilmington, the Dupont Headquarters was a 950,000 square foot mixed-use complex, and in 1913, part of the building was transformed into the legendary Hotel Dupont. The building’s new owners, The Buccini/Pollin Group, are thrilled to continue enhancing this lasting legacy by reimagining this property so it once again becomes the heart of life in Wilmington. The renovations span from the ground floor to the 13th floor, breathing new life into this historic space.

While EOS provided the LED panels that illuminated the overhang itself, The Smart Lighting Company created the dramatic entryway effect at the Hotel Dupont by using several different high-powered architectural lighting fixtures. Specifically, HB50B12 was aimed above the overhang with louvers utilizing 8°x40° beam optics, HB40HP fixtures were used to shine and illuminate under the overhang with 15° optics, and finally, SB8 fixtures specified with 120° optics were attached at the wall inside the overhang to illuminate the building’s awning. The result is truly magical and will reignite the opportunity and vivaciousness for which this iconic landmark embodies.


About The Smart Lighting Company

The Smart Lighting Company has over 25 years of fixture design and manufacturing experience. Combining precise advanced optics, low running temperature, and long life make us a top choice for architectural lighting solutions for commercial and residential applications ideal for cove, accent, grazing, wall washing, flood, and under-cabinet illumination. 


Photos courtesy of The Buccini/Pollin Group, Credited to Moonloop Photography

Construction Management | General Contractor: BPGS


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