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   November 17, 2021   

Professional Product Photography For Lighting Manufacturers




Lighting Solution Development, a leading consulting firm to lighting manufacturers, is launching a new Professional Lighting Product Photography Service. The service utilizes a professional photography studio that is experienced at assembling, mounting, photographing, and editing lighting product images.
Marketing executives face unique challenges in creating high quality images of lighting products, including:

  • Photographing lit & unlit product 
  • Managing large numbers of SKUs to cover extensive product families 
  • Creating quality images in varied applications
  • Product assembly 
  • Ceiling and wall installation, including wiring

For these reasons, lighting manufacturers should seek out a professional product photography studio with experience at creating high quality images of lighting products. Lighting Solution Development is offering three different image types:

  1. White background: Professional, high-resolution images with a white background, ideal for product pages and spec sheets. Also referred to as “hero shots,” the service includes prepping, styling, shooting, and retouching.
  2. Application Images: Application Images (a.k.a. composites) incorporate the studio created photographs into an application scene using software & skill to create a new image that demonstrates the lighting product in use. The end result can be indistinguishable from actually shooting at a location, at a small fraction of the cost. Application Images can demonstrate product use in Industrial, Commercial, or Residential settings.
  3. Interactive 360° Spins: At the cutting edge of e-commerce, interactive 360° spins are the next best thing to handling a product in person. 360° spins allow customers to click and drag to view the product from any angle and discover any detail desired. A quality virtual experience is crucial to differentiate products and drive sales. Examples of interactive 360° spins can be viewed at these links: Example 1 360° Spin Example 2 360° Spin

According to David Shiller, President of Lighting Solution Development, “We’ve developed the service to be high quality, affordable, and very convenient.” Details about the new lighting product photography service are available here. Interested lighting manufacturers can email suelynn@lightingsold.com , to discuss a free trial of the service.

About Lighting Solution Development 
Lighting Solution Development specializes in providing technical and marketing solutions to advanced lighting manufacturers. Lighting Solution Development assists advanced lighting manufacturers with consulting services, including: M&A scoping, business development, marketing, product development, recruiting, utility rebates, market research, and lead gen using digital automation. http://www.lightingsold.com
Media Contact:
David Shiller, President
Lighting Solution Development
Phone: 412-897-6432
Email: david@lightingsold.com


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