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   September 23, 2021   

LightStanza Included in 2021 IES Progress Report

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BOULDER, COLORADO, USA - New Generation Lighting Analysis Software™ program, LightStanza, was accepted into the 2021 Progress Report by the Illuminating Engineering Society. The evaluation was based upon making “...a unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting”, citing innovations in the following areas: 

  • Full Revit integration with LightStanza
  • Powerful cloud computing for ray-tracing calc instances 
  • A modern web platform with collaboration features and version history 
  • Advanced Daylight Calculations with LEED and WELL reporting

LightStanza is a web application for every kind of lighting analysis, from a side-by-side comparison of two fixtures, to the most complex BIM-integrated project. Users can start by drawing geometry in the app, by building up from a CAD or PDF background, or by importing/exporting one of several 3D file types. From there, adding IES files and running calculations is easy. 

LightStanza’s Revit Plugin allows for exporting the area(s) being analyzed directly into LightStanza, and then syncing your results back into Revit. 

“We want to make photometric and daylight analysis as intuitive as possible so that designers, engineers, and reps can focus on creating outstanding results instead of being bogged down with cumbersome workflows,” said Dan Glaser, Founder and CEO of LightStanza. “Cloud computing allows us to work through more analysis in less time and with higher accuracy. This facilitates collaboration, ease of deployment by IT departments, and sharing a license across multiple users and machines. If you know how to use the internet, you can pick up LightStanza in a negligible amount of time.” Users from every segment of the AEC industries will appreciate the interoperability, result history, luminaire photometric editor, and collaboration that makes LightStanza the one program for everyone who does lighting analysis. 

LightStanza is a registered DBA of Light Foundry, LLC. At present, LightStanza is preparing to attend LightFair 2021 in New York. During the trade show, Oct. 27 - 29, they will be running demonstrations in the New Exhibitor Pavilion, booth #2215. 

Tina Brower, Marketing
Light Foundry, LLC
210 Arapahoe Ave.
Boulder, CO 80302
Ph: +1 (714) 389-0275


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