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   October 15, 2021   

eLumigen Expands Sales Rep Network



TROY, MI – October 15 – eLumigen, an LED lighting manufacturer known for its unique line of LED rough service lamps and fixtures, has announced an expansion of its sales rep network. eLumigen has added five new firms to its current representative agencies:

  • Commodore Sales, Inc. – Tennessee & Mississippi
  • Prather Sales – Kentucky & Ohio
  • Spacial EFX – District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia
  • Parker Lighting and Electrical - Arkansas
  • RWC-Chesterfield – Military/Defense – USA, Europe & Middle East

eLumigen CEO & President Alfred LaSpina stated, “eLumigen is proud to partner with these five excellent lighting sales rep agencies. They represent a significant improvement and expansion of our sales organization, both in the US and globally.” LaSpina added, “Our award-winning LED lighting solutions will now benefit even more harsh commercial and industrial environment facilities.”

eLumigen LED lamps and fixtures have recently been recognized with:

  ✓  2021 Sapphire Award Finalist
  ✓  2020 IES Progress Report Inclusion
  ✓  2020 EC&M Product of the Year Category Award
  ✓  2020 Vision Award
  ✓  2020 Golden Hammer Award
  ✓  2020 Sapphire Award


For more information about eLumigen’s products visit www.eLumigen.com or email info@eLumigen.com.

About eLumigen
eLumigen is a manufacturer of premium performance LED lamps and fixtures, including an industry-leading line of rough service LED lamps. The company applies the most advanced technology to solve the growing need for LED lighting that has both durability and exceptional light quality. eLumigen products are proudly designed and engineered in Detroit, MI.

Media contact:
David Shiller, Marketing


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