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   October 14, 2021   

Contact-Free, Cost-Effective Lighting Consulting and Calculations Now Available to Agencies & OEM's Nationwide 



NEW YORK, NY, October 14, 2021 - Zelig LC, a private Lighting Certified remote consulting practice, is launching its one-of-a-kind portfolio of supplemental services nationwide.

Asher (Eric) Zelig Perkins, the company's founder and lighting industry veteran, stated, "we have arrived at a point where many behind-the-scenes support staff have proven equally effective working from home in lieu of traditional office workspaces."

Based on his 34 years of experience working in agencies and OEM's, the current market trends has Perkins convinced there is a growing need for Zelig LC's services. "Today's spec-salespeople don't have enough hours in a day for the increasing customer-contact expectation placed upon them, let alone waiting on a lighting applications person to deliver a series of complex calculations."

Looking back on his 13-year experience at the Acuity Brands NYC agency, (formerly New York Digital), "Our team certainly had its moments, having to meet tight deadlines on some great but unforgiving opportunities. Running all these head-spinning calculations is not for the faint at heart, considering what is at stake. After all, this is New York we're talking about.”

Perkins envisions the US Lighting Market almost entirely morphing into an eCommerce business, mainly by necessity, with telecommuting becoming the norm for most inside support associates by the end of this decade; while virtual and augmented reality headsets become standard issue to prospective clients.

"We believe Zelig LC will be instrumental in providing affordable supplemental lighting calculation work and general lighting consulting services. We free up valuable time for both applications and sales staff who normally run their own lighting calculations.

We keep our clients anonymous, and pride ourselves as being 100% brand and manufacturer-agnostic." 


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About Zelig Lighting Consulting, LLC
Zelig LC is America's first 100% remote, nation-wide lighting consulting service. Through its contact-free initiative, Zelig LC is committed to delivering a peerless experience through its customer-focused service processes. Please visit ZeligLC.com where the company discloses additional information about its business, terms of service, and privacy policy.

Eric S. Perkins, LC, MIES Emeritus


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