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   August 24, 2021   

Lights on the Spectrum Rallies Lighting Industry to Address Autism



Making a Brighter Future for People on the Autism Spectrum


Lansdale, PA., August 2021. A grassroots initiative calls upon People in the Lighting Industry to take actions to make a positive difference for people who are on a different spectrum…the Autism Spectrum. Through an On-Line Auction which runs from October 25 - November 11, Lights on the Spectrum will raise money for the Autism Society of America. Stunning decorative and innovative light fixtures will be auctioned as well as experiences that will “Light You Up”.

Light is powerful. It enhances the aesthetic of the built environment. It contributes mightily to the well being of the occupants of a space. It can kill bacteria and viruses. But the real power comes from the people who utilize light to achieve these kinds of results. Lights on the Spectrum is seeking to rally lighting industry professionals to aim their light in a new direction, at a new spectrum. To use their power to positively alter other people’s futures.

Money generated by Lights on the Spectrum will be focused in two areas:

  • Unemployment rates for people on the Autism Spectrum run about 80%. Lights on the Spectrum intends to make a positive difference by funding the Autism Society of America to promote and expand their services to this population to make successful employment the rule rather than the exception.
  • Lights on the Spectrum encourages and challenges Lighting Industry organizations, Manufacturers, Rep Agencies, Distributors, Lighting Designers, Showrooms and others to begin the process of creating a Neurodiverse Hiring Program at their company. With the assistance of the Autism Society of America and their nationwide Affiliate Offices and network of resources a brighter future for people on the Autism Spectrum can be realized.

How to Get Involved…

  1. Donate a cool or innovative fixture for the auction.
  2. Donate an experience that will “Light You Up” to the auction.
  3. Make a financial contribution. All contributions are tax deductible as the Autism Society is a not for profit 501 (c) (3).
  4. Bid on the Auction site when it goes Live on October 25.
  5. Contact us to volunteer or contribute in some other way you would like to specify.
  6. Reach out to us about starting a Neurodiverse Hiring Program at your company.


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About Lights on the Spectrum: An initiative started by lighting industry veteran Larry Berman. The Advise-Array Board includes lighting industry luminaries Loren Kessel, President, LF Illumination, Sam Koerbel, Founder & President, Lytei, and Kristen Kordecki, Commercial Projects Director, LS Group. This is an opportunity to make a powerful difference with light. Be a “Ray of Light”. Join us. Click the logo to learn more.

About The Autism Society of America: The oldest organization with a mission to improve the lives of people on the Autism Spectrum. Click the logo to learn more.


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