30 New Agent-Manufacturer Partnerships

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Here is a recap of some newly-formed Lighting Agent & Manufacturer partnerships. We are hopeful that each one of these new relationships is the beginning of some long-term greatness.

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  • Montreal:  Lumenpulse Direct Agency now represents Encelium by Osram
  • New England:  Reflex Lighting is the new agent for Kathy Ireland HOME
  • New York City:
    • SLS Lighting has added Kenall, 1882 Lighting (a QSSI Company) & Acolyte to its line card
    • Brazill Lite Tech has partnered with Sirius Lighting
  • New Jersey:  Liberty Lighting Group is the new rep for ALW
  • Maryland & DC:  District Lighting Group now represents Verozza Lighting
  • West Virginia:  Pittsburgh-based Architectural Lighting Sales is the new agent for Ligman Lighting
  • Cleveland & Columbus:  Lighting Dynamics has added Elliptipar/TLQ to its line card
  • Virginia:  Lighting Environments has partnered with Q-Tran (effective April 2)
  • Richmond, VA:  JJM Associates is the new rep for Linmore LED
  • Charlotte, NC:  Bodwell & Associates now represents Intelligent Lighting Controls
  • Atlanta:  Smart Lighting Solutions is the new agent for Carl Stahl & X-LED
  • Miami:  SESCO Lighting has added Casambi to its line card
  • Houston:  Putterman Scharck has partnered with Green Creative
  • Dallas:  Texas Lighting is the new rep for Arkansas Lighting (Insert Big 12/SEC joke here)
  • Wisconsin:  Spectrum Lighting & Controls now represents Ex-Solutions & Vyv
  • Minnesota:  Davis & Assoc. is the new agent for ERCO & Camman Lighting
  • St. Louis:  Lighting Associates has added Williams to its line card
  • Kansas City:  Mercer Zimmerman has partnered with Pantheon Lighting & SolarFective by Legrand
  • Denver:  Visual Interest is the new rep for Glint
  • Albuquerque:  The Resource Group now represents Fulham
  • El Paso:  Synergy Lighting is the new agent for 1882 Lighting (a QSSI Company)
  • Seattle:
    • SeaTac Lighting has added Lantana to its line card
    • PLS has partnered with LEDS-C4
  • Calgary & Edmonton:  WOW Lighting & Controls is the new rep for CALI Lighting


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April 1, 2021

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