June 12, 2024   

Weighing the Value of a Lifetime Warranty

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 Author: Andrew Koch, VP, KURTZON  |  Above: New York University Langone Medical Center

Making smart lighting choices: the power and impact of a lifetime warranty


In the ever-evolving world of lighting, making informed decisions is crucial for ensuring performance, sustainability, and cost-efficiency for building operations and maintenance. This is especially true with the influx of new technologies, capabilities, and players that have introduced many unknowns into the market. A lifetime product warranty is a critical tool for safeguarding your projects and investment in the built environment against unplanned lighting replacement costs, while aligning with the growing emphasis on sustainability. You have to ask yourself, what value can you realistically assign to a promise from a company? It is dependent upon choosing the right business partner, which is now more significant than ever.


Historical Excellence and Dependability

KURTZON, established over 125 years ago by my family, operates from our Chicago building completed in 1910. Initially producing builder’s hardware, our founder, Morris Kurtzon, significantly contributed to the design and construction of Chicago’s Mount Sinai Hospital. During this period, he started designing custom stainless-steel equipment, recognizing the unique demands of these spaces. In 1947, we pivoted to developing fluorescent lamp technology tailored for technical spaces.


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KURTZON continues to deliver specification-grade luminaires designed to meet the stringent demands of specialized technical applications. Our products are independently tested, approved, listed, and labeled to perform in the demanding Technical Spaces they serve, within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, from Medical and Behavioral Health to Life Sciences/Biomedical Research, Clean Manufacturing, Cleanroom & Containment, Food Processing, Confinement/Maximum Security, Vandal-Resistant, Transit, Indoor Sports, and Wet Location.


Commitment to Quality and Durability

Delivering superior performance is in the details. We use premium or custom-made components, ensuring the highest degree of confidence in our products. Our robotic seam-welding is fail-proof relative to the application, enclosures resist corrosion and withstand air pressure, and gaskets remain leak-free. Rigorous testing and quality control guarantee that our lighting solutions meet the highest standards, providing you with peace of mind that when you’re specifying KURTZON products, they are designed to last a lifetime.


Field-Replaceable Parts

We understand that electronics failures can occur. Therefore, our lighting products feature field-replaceable electronic parts. If a component fails, the defective part can be easily replaced on-site, extending the fixture’s life and promoting sustainability. This approach reduces waste and supports environmentally responsible practices by minimizing the need for complete replacements.


Building Trust and Customer Satisfaction

Our lifetime warranty aligns with the growing environmental consciousness of today’s consumers and stakeholders. By specifying our products, you position your projects and buildings as forward-thinking and sustainable, appealing to environmentally aware clients and end-users, and reducing manufacturing downtime. This boosts your project's reputation and fosters client loyalty and trust, thanks to the assurance of a robust warranty from a century-old company.


A Legacy of Reliability and Expertise

As a fourth-generation owner, I promise to stand by our lifetime warranty, built on 125 years of supporting our customers and products.

Our extensive history highlights our stability and expertise, offering numerous benefits for your projects:

  • Adaptability and Resilience: We have navigated various economic cycles and technological advancements, consistently thriving and evolving.

  • Expertise in Demanding Environments: Our deep understanding of harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures, high humidity, and constant vibration, ensures our products are engineered to withstand these challenges.

  • Lifetime Warranty Confidence: Our lighting solutions are backed by a reliable lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind.

  • Sustainability and Economic Benefits: Our products guarantee exceptional quality, significant economic benefits, and sustainability, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

  • Field-Replaceable Parts: Our commitment to sustainability includes field-replaceable components, reducing waste and ensuring long-term investment value in your projects.


The Kurtzon Lighting Lifetime Warranty

For more information or to discuss how our lighting solutions can benefit your next project, please visit our website or contact Henry Bradford, our Chief Sales Officer and Chief Operating Officer at HenryB@Kurtzon.Lighting




This article is published in partnership with KURTZON.

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