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June 22, 2022   

LightFair 2022:  Day One Briefing

More exhibitors.  More people.  Good show so far.


Day one of the LightFair 2022 trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center is in the books.  The show has approximately 325 Exhibitors and is expected to exceed 10,000 attendees.  The 2021 LightFair in New York had just over 200 exhibitors, and the attendee count was not disclosed, but estimated to be in the 6,000 person range.

The overall exhibitor booth footprint is significantly larger than the last LightFair, and there is a positive energy emitting from the lighting people scattered throughout the convention center. After some initial long lines and registration area congestion when the show opened, the show buzzed throughout most of the day with varying levels of activity, but didn't feel crowded.

General feedback from over 25 exhibitors indicates 100% neutral to positive responses, with varying degrees of enthusiasm.  We heard a larger number of enthusiastic responses, than neutral ones.  There was no strong negative feedback in our very informal, small-sample-size poll, which is unusual for any live event, big or small.

Day two of a three day trade show is usually the busiest day, so we look forward to seeing more lighting people, brands and products throughout the day.





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