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June 3, 2022   

5 Things to Know:  Week Ending June 4

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Lighting agent employees ordered to submit mobile phones for forensic inspection


Here's a roundup of some of the week's happenings curated to help lighting people stay informed.   


1. Mlazgar vs. JTH

A lawsuit involving competing Wisconsin lighting agents moves forward with discovery which could turn out to be very revealing.  The lawsuit alleges that former Mlazgar employees acted inappropriately when leaving the agent to join rival JTH Lighting Alliance.

Numerous JTH employees – who are ex-Mlazgar employees – are being ordered by the court to submit mobile phones and other electronic devices for examination by a third-party computer forensics firm.  The court-appointed Special Master will determine what information is pertinent to the case – and only those details will be shared with Mlazgar.


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2. Coastal County Eyes Strict Outdoor Lighting Rules

Critics explain that certain measures may be difficult to implement

  • Outdoor lighting changes would happen over a three-year period from the bill’s passage.

  • The rules would carry an initial penalty of $1,000 and $1,000 for every day of noncompliance.

  • "All fixtures except neon must have less than 2% blue light content."

  • "All fixtures except neon must be down directed and not shining above the horizontal, fully shielded."

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3. Executive Promotions at Acuity Brands

Acuity Brands announces promotions of two long-time Acuity employees: Senior Vice President of Marketing and Senior Vice President of Sales.  Both promotions are in the Acuity Brands Lighting (ABL) business, which is separate from the more-specialized Intelligent Spaces Group.

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4. Downtown Dallas High-Rise Bright Lights Annoy Neighbors

A NBC 5 DFW I-Team Investigation:  A neighborhood councilman gets answers about "annoying lights" from the developer

VIDEO: See the I-Team report »


5. Political leaders and Semiconductor Industry Execs Meet to Discuss Strengthening Domestic Chip Research, Design, Manufacturing

Participants discussed ongoing conference negotiations on competitiveness legislation as well as the importance of enacting CHIPS Act funding and a FABS Act investment tax credit for semiconductor manufacturing and design in the United States.

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