April 11, 2022   

Comcast Enters the Smart Cities Space

2022 04 Comcast enters the smart cities space.jpg

Will Comcast smart cities soon be deployed in your city...between 1pm and 5pm?


At last week's Smart Cities Connect Spring Conference & Expo in Columbus, Ohio, global media and technology company, Comcast Corporation, announced that its Comcast Smart Solutions platform will provide connectivity and consulting services. As part of those services, Comcast plans to connect customers with strategic collaborators that provide smart technology in the following areas:

  • Lighting

  • Building Solutions

  • Parking/Curb

  • Public Works – Waste Management, Storm Water Monitoring, Asset Tracking

  • Video/Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Analytics

  • LED Displays & Digital Kiosks

Recently, Comcast Smart Solutions worked with the City of Philadelphia on a smart lighting pilot, installing smart streetlights with built-in optical and environmental sensors that can count pedestrians, vehicles, bicyclists, and parked vehicles, and measure temperature, relative humidity, and carbon monoxide. The Philadelphia project is one of several pilots and solutions that the Comcast Smart Solutions team has deployed working in partnership with local communities where the company operates.

Other pilot projects are happining in these cities:

  • Arlington County, VA

  • College Park, GA

  • Pleasanton, CA 

  • Moraga, CA.


“Comcast is focused on powering possibilities for organizations of all sizes,” said Bill Connors, President of Xfinity for Comcast Cable. “Comcast Smart Solutions is just the latest example of the innovation that our world-class network can bring to life. Rooted in our core connectivity services, we're excited to partner with communities on their smart journeys, using technology to help make them more efficient, sustainable, and safe.”

Comcast already deploys other services that touch B2B markets including Comcast Business, Xfinity Communities, and MachineQ.