May 21, 2024

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ZLEDLighting Introduces Easy-to-Install New Magnilumen Plus+™ High Output LED Bars and Retrofit Kits for High Bay Applications


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(Mount Laurel, NJ)   ZLEDLighting, a longtime manufacturer of high-performing and easy-to-install LED solutions for the professional lighting market, is proud to announce the introduction of its new Magnilumen Plus+™ LED Bars And Retrofit Kits for high output applications. Converting fluorescent fixtures to the benefits of LED technology in just minutes, Magnilumen Plus+ High Output LED Bars deliver quality, efficiency, and simplicity to the lighting upgrade process and are a game-changer for industrial, commercial, and other high-ceiling settings that require powerful and long-lasting illumination.

Lighting spaces with exceptional clarity, consistency, and reliability in a broad range of workhorse settings where it counts the most, Magnilumen Plus+ High Output LED Bars stand as a proactive and cost-saving alternative to traditional fluorescent T12, T8, and T5HO lamps and deliver the following benefits:

  • Powerful Lumen Output and High Efficacy -- Offering up to 10,000 lumens per bar while consuming just 60 Watts (165 lumens/Watt), Magnilumen technology delivers 2 to 2.5 times the lumen output of conventional fluorescent lighting, such that a 4-bar, 40,000-lumen Magnilumen Plus+ High Output LED system can easily replace an 8-lamp T5HO fixture at less than half of the wattage.

  • Fast and Easy Installation – Incorporating a brand-new driver and all control options, Magnilumen Plus+ High Output LED bars are fully prewired for installation within minutes. Installers simply need to remove old fluorescent lamps from fixtures and replace them with Magnilumen Plus+ High Output LED bars, which attach magnetically for hands- and hassle-free positioning during installation and are designed with quick-connect, plug-and-play circuitry for instant operation.

  • Outstanding Controllability -- Magnilumen Plus+ High Output LED bars feature 0-10V dimming, compatibility with occupancy sensing technology and other advanced lighting controls, and ready interface with building control systems, enabling users to optimize energy usage, enhance ambiance, and tailor lighting levels to their specific needs.

  • Appealing Color Options – Available in popular 4000K and 5000K color options, Magnilumen Plus+ High Output LED bars deliver exceptional brightness, visual acuity, clarity, and uniformity to large spaces, promoting enhanced safety, security, and productivity.

  • Easy-to-Use Retrofit Kits – Fully complete with LED bars, driver, wiring harness, and tech screws, Magnilumen Plus+ High Output LED Retrofit Kits are ideal for use in high bay, troffer, vapor tight, and other linear fixture configurations and deliver a seamless, high-illumination upgrade experience to warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial applications.

  • Long Life, Low Maintenance – With a rated average life of 50,000 hours and a robust 5-year warranty, Magnilumen Plus+ High Output LED technology minimizes maintenance costs and concerns and delivers peace of mind for years to come.


“As the newest addition to ZLEDLighting’s signature line of Magnilumen LED retrofit kits, we’re excited to introduce our Magnilumen Plus+ LED Bars and Retrofit Kits for high output applications to the marketplace,” confirmed Tim Hill, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at ZLEDLighting. “With their superior lumen output and easy-to-install design, Magnilumen HO technology is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to upgrade industrial linear fluorescent lamps to LED technology without having to change out fixtures,” he said. “Thanks to Magnilumen Plus+ High Output LED Bars and Retrofit Kits, end users get the benefit of brand-new, high-efficiency, long-life LED lighting without the time and expense required for a fixture changeout, and lighting users and installers alike have truly been blown away by their performance.”


About ZLEDLighting

Founded in 2009, ZLEDLighting takes pride in providing an extensive selection of high-quality and maximum-performing LED solutions for the professional market’s broad range of lighting applications. From the company’s retrofit lamps to its signature Magnilumen products and customer-specific solutions, ZLEDLighting is a leader and pioneer in the manufacture of a vast array of LED products designed to meet any project requirement or lighting design concept. For more information on ZLEDLighting’s new Magnilumen Plus+™ LED Bars and Retrofit Kits, visit For more information on ZLEDLighting, visit


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