June 24, 2024


Canada Light Expo is glad to welcome Lighting Agora as the Knowledge Partner for Education & knowledge sessions at the expo


Toronto, Canada — Canada Light Expo, Canada’s premier LED and Smart Lighting Solutions exhibition, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Lighting Agora as a Knowledge Partner. A consortium of industry experts, Lighting Agora is dedicated to advancing the LED and Smart Lighting field by providing lighting design, marketing research & high-level education for the industry. This collaboration is set to elevate the Expo’s offerings and drive growth and innovation in the Canadian lighting industry. Canada Light Expo, organized by MEX International Inc., is the leading event showcasing advancements in LED and Smart Lighting solutions.

Lighting Agora joins as a knowledge partner, bringing its expertise to the forefront of the Expo. The partnership will be highlighted at Canada Light Expo, held at the International Centre in Toronto, Canada, from November 13-15, 2024. The Expo will feature over 125 exhibitors, 1000+ products, and 250+ brands across a sprawling 30,000 sq. ft. show area, attracting more than 2,000 expected buyers.

This partnership with Lighting Agora aligns with the Expo’s mission to cater to Canada's growing market demand for advanced lighting solutions. The collaboration promises to emphasize supporting the industry by providing a platform for knowledge exchange, innovation, and networking. This platform includes a series of engaging workshops, insightful seminars, and interactive panel discussions led by industry experts, innovators, and thought leaders to educate and drive the future of the LED & Smart Lighting industry.

In addition to the exhibition, the Expo will feature a comprehensive conference where industry experts and panelists will discuss pivotal topics. Sessions will include "LEDs - Benefitting Health Safely," "The Greatest Energy Savers of All-Time. Now What?", "Speaking to You in Electrical Language - How do we make LED Controls Easier to Understand?" and "Pot, Selective Animal Husbandry, and Feeding the World." These discussions aim to provide attendees with the latest insights, trends, and advancements in the lighting industry, fostering a deeper understanding and facilitating knowledge exchange.

Gaurav Juneja, Director of MEX International Inc., added, "This partnership will play a crucial role in educating the Canadian lighting market, providing valuable insights, and facilitating knowledge exchange within the industry. By offering a platform for learning and collaboration, we aim to directly boost advancements, knowledge, and trends across the lighting sector. This strategic alliance underscores our commitment to driving progress and sustainability in the Canadian market.”

Tom Butters, founder of Lighting Agora, remarked, “Our collaboration with Canada Light Expo marks a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing the LED and Smart Lighting industry. By joining forces with this premier platform, we aim to foster innovation, share knowledge, and drive sustainable solutions that meet the evolving needs of the Canadian market. Together, we will illuminate new possibilities and inspire the future of lighting technology.”

The chosen venue, the International Centre, Toronto, aligns perfectly with the robust growth observed in Canada's LED and smart lighting sector. The Canadian government's dedication to energy efficiency and emission reduction has spurred demand, making the nation an ideal host for this expo. The global smart lighting market's projected CAGR of 22.1% from 2023 to 2030, reaching USD 57.89 billion by 2030, underscores the global relevance of such events. Participation in this expo positions Canadian businesses to showcase their innovations, attract international investors, and contribute to the industry's global expansion.

Smart Living Expo Canada, co-located with the Canada Light Expo 2024, is an innovative event bringing together a diverse range of smart living technologies and solutions that revolutionize modern living spaces. This platform showcases products and solutions that revolutionize modern living spaces, from smart lighting and security systems to office solutions and building automation. It addresses industry demands, providing swift access to new technologies.

The Canadian lighting boom, an expanding market, and global dynamics emphasize the importance of trade fairs. Canadian businesses attract global investors, contributing to economic growth and sustainability goals. LED lighting, a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice, enhances product visibility. Stay current with industry trends, meet potential buyers locally and internationally, and assess competition.


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About the Organizer

MEX International Inc., the Canadian subsidiary of MEX Exhibitions Pvt Ltd., possesses over four decades in the advertising industry. With 27 years in publishing and 20 years in exhibitions, MEX has organized 100+ market-leading trade exhibitions across India, Dubai, Singapore, and Thailand. The company is a prominent player in the advertising industry, publishing reputable magazines and advertising trade directories. MEX International Inc. leverages this rich experience to bring successful exhibitions to the Canadian market.



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