April 28, 2024

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Modern Forms Wows with New LED Luminaires at HD Expo 2024


LAS VEGAS — MODERN FORMS will introduce many new Multi-Lighting Crystal LED designs during HD EXPO 2024. The latest LED luminaires will be available at the WAC LIGHTING and MODERN FORMS booth #3655 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, from April 30 to May 2, 2024.

See some of the many exciting new introductions…

Timelessly tasteful. Modern Forms ENTICE includes cylinders of natural Spanish Alabaster and gleaming metallic collars ornament a silica strand, creating a gemlike presence.

Embracing the art of light, the Modern Forms PISCES Multi Pendant is designed with a multitude of natural Spanish Alabaster orbs. The elements shimmer at different heights from a multi-point canopy, casting an entrancing celestial glow.

The new LED Pendant from Modern Forms, LUZERNE is dramatically proportioned. Bundles of fluted glass cylinders are nested together, creating a striking prismatic effect. A gleaming inner plate creates a mirrored effect, elegantly enhancing the delicate crystalline elements.

The WOVEN LED Pendant by Modern Forms is like a Flower child. Swirling in the air, graceful ribbons form a blossom silhouette when observed from below. Integrated LEDs artfully illuminate this sculptural wonder, creating captivating highlights and subtle, tasteful shadows.

In addition, dweLED by WAC Lighting will unveil many new decorative chandeliers, pendants and wall sconces at the show.

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About Modern Forms

Engineered to the finest detail for unsurpassed performance and design sophistication, Modern Forms is a future-forward manufacturer and innovative brand of unique upscale all-LED luminaires, and a groundbreaking new line of smart interior/exterior ceiling fans. Modern Forms is designed to complement a diverse array of architectural interiors and exteriors while delivering high quality, functional illumination for luxury homes, hotels and commercial spaces. Each cutting-edge design is lovingly developed by in-house designers to showcase innovative applications of upscale materials and painstakingly engineered for the tangible details that convey quality and years of robust performance. Visit www.modernforms.com.



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