January 16, 2024   

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Trifecta is merging with Visual Interest to form a new division called VI Supply in Colorado, New Mexico, West Texas, Western Nebraska, and Southern Wyoming


For the past 25 years, Chad Hall has been a sales executive within the electrical industry. He founded Trifecta in 2017 with a focused line card of commodity products and total dedication to customer service and accountability. As the industry has evolved and consolidated, Chad has decided to merge Trifecta with Visual Interest to become VI Supply.

Visual Interest is a lighting rep agency founded in 2009, historically focusing on lighting project business. VI has experienced sales staff calling on distributors, contractors, engineers, and architects throughout the territory. In merging with Visual Interest, we have added (14) salespeople to grow Trifecta’s supply representation. With Melissa, Tim and Chad joining the larger VI team, VI Supply will hit the ground running with no gaps in service for our customer base.

We are thrilled to welcome the addition of the following individuals to the team who bring valuable insight and support:

VI Supply Territory:

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VI Supply provides coverage in Colorado, Southern Wyoming, Western Nebraska, New Mexico, and West Texas. We have brick-and-mortar offices in Denver, Colorado Springs, Albuquerque, and El Paso, and our sales force regularly calls on distribution in remote regions these large states

Visual Interest is not your average Lighting Rep and we can't wait to share the VI way with VI SUPPLY!



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