November 28, 2023    



Nova Flex Unveils Exciting Upgrade: Introducing In-House Injection Molding for Neon Lighting



St. Cloud, MN. — Nova Flex proudly announces a significant advancement in its neon lighting line with the introduction of in-house custom injection molding (IM). This strategic initiative underscores the steadfast commitment of Nova Flex to precision, efficiency, and enhancement of the overall neon lighting experience.


From Clips to Precision Perfection with Injection Molding

Transitioning from traditional neon lighting assembly with clips to silicone injection molding creates increased focus on the craftsmanship of the lights’ outer casing, providing a sleeker appearance and improved resistance to environmental elements. Silicone injection molding ensures a polished and seamless finish, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of neon lights, especially in direct-view applications. Robust silicone material was developed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and prolong product lifespan with minimal maintenance. Clips, typically made of PVC, are part of the traditional assembly method. While they offer simplicity in installation and flexibility for mounting adjustments, they lack the sleekness and stamina achieved through silicone injection molding. Nova Flex has made this strategic shift to reflect their commitment to deliver high-quality, visually appealing, and resilient neon lighting solutions. Injection molding achieves the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. "Neon with injection molding has a much sleeker appearance, making direct-view applications cleaner and more streamlined." stated Nevi Ozturk, Nova Flex’s Director of Application Engineering.


nf Branded Image (1).jpgExceptional Finishing, Unprecedented Speed

Experience innovation in the lighting industry with Nova Flex's in-house injection molding process, delivering neon light projects with exceptional finishing in an astonishingly short time of 5–10 days. This advancement demonstrates Nova Flex's dedication to efficient manufacturing and prompt fulfillment of customer orders. Nova Flex’s Director of Products, John Hessburg said, "The implementation of in-house custom injection molding as the standard finishing method for many of our key lines of neon is a significant step forward in our efforts to optimize the market positioning of Nova Flex Neon, and to elevate the Nova Flex brand."


In-House Injection Molding Across Four Products

Nova Flex's in-house injection molding process elevates the quality and performance of four signature products, setting new benchmarks for neon lighting excellence: Micro Neon, Mini Neon 2.0, Dim to Warm Neon, and Round Neon. The streamlined efficiency of our in-house injection molding process achieves unparalleled results with shorter production cycles, ensuring a prompt and agile response to dynamic customer demands. 


About Nova Flex LED: Nova Flex is a service leader for customizable, flexible linear lighting, committed to delivering high-quality products and industry-leading customer satisfaction. Based in Minnesota, Nova Flex was established in 2009 and has more than 50 employees. For more information, visit or call 800-595-6302.



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