October 31, 2023    

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Nova Flex and Lighting Digest New Agent Partnership


Nova Flex and Lighting Digest have joined forces. Nova Flex, renowned for innovative lighting solutions, and Lighting Digest, expert marketers of superior lighting and controls products, have teamed up to create a powerful synergy of expertise and insight.


LD logo (004).pngWhat's in Store?
This partnership isn't just a collaboration; it's a commitment to transforming the way we illuminate our world. Expect a fusion of Nova Flex's fast, customizable solutions and Lighting Digest's industry intelligence. Together, they'll provide swift, comprehensive, and invaluable information to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Scott Dubey, Nova Flex LED's Director of Sales for the Eastern Region, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Combining our innovative approach to technology with their deep understanding of the marketplace is truly a game-changer."


Why It Matters:
This collaboration isn't just about brightening rooms; it's about illuminating minds. By pooling their resources, Nova Flex and Lighting Digest are creating a hub for the latest trends, product updates, and expert analysis. This means faster access to unparalleled lighting solutions.


Join the Movement:
Whether you're an architect, designer, or simply passionate about innovative lighting, this collaboration is your ticket to the forefront of industry developments. Stay tuned for concise, impactful updates that will shape the way you perceive and utilize light.


Nova Flex and Lighting Digest: Illuminating Possibilities, Lighting the Future. Join us on this brilliantly efficient journey.


About Nova Flex LED: Nova Flex is a service leader for customizable, flexible linear lighting, committed to delivering high-quality products and industry-leading customer satisfaction. Current product lines include low voltage LED tape, flexible LED neon, 120V LED tape and neon, channels, controls, and universal power supplies. Based in Minnesota, Nova Flex was established in 2009 and has more than 50 employees. For more information, visit novaflexled.com


About The Lighting Digest: The Lighting Digest strives to re-define representation within the Lighting and Control industries. Our goal is to become a complete Ambassador for our client’s product/services line, business, mission, and company purpose. What sets us apart from other manufacturer rep firms is our tactical approach to marketing, promoting, prospecting, and selling our product lines. For more information, visit thelightingdigest.com 


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