November 2, 2023    

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Niche Lighting Technologies Appoints New VP of Product Development


JohnKarbaf-NLT 400.jpgNiche Lighting Technologies (NLT) is pleased to announce the appointment of John Karbaf as Vice President of Product Development. In John’s new role, he will oversee the expansion of existing NLT Germicidal UV Lighting Component product lines, including power supplies (electronic ballasts), UV lamps used in luminaires that either purify water or disinfect air and surfaces, and developing new LED lamps and drivers to achieve similar purification and disinfection goals. John will also develop new lighting products for other niche lighting applications, such as horticulture, circadian rhythm, aquarium, emergency, curing, tanning, and more. 

His role will also consist of coordinating with NLT engineers to offer custom and modified products for OEMs who may require unique lamp shapes, lamp pin configurations, or power supplies outside of the existing and extensive NLT standard offering.

For review of NLT’s product assortment and custom capabilities, please visit today, and please welcome John to his new role at


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