March 4, 2024   

Agent Merger:  ELA and Synergy Unite in NYC Metro Area

2024 03 ela synergy merger nyc lighting agents.jpg

A strategic merger forms one of the largest agencies in the region


Mere days after announcing a major expanded partnership with Signify in the New York Metro area, Synergy Electrical Sales is in the news again for merging with one of New York's most well-known lighting agencies, Electric Lighting Agencies, Inc. (ELA). The new entity has been dubbed "ELA + Synergy."

This merger establishes one of the largest lighting and electrical agencies across New York Metro, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The merger brings together an extensive portfolio of brands and the expertise of two experienced teams with multigenerational industry relationships within their local regions. Additionally, another key component of the Signify portfolio, Color Kinetics, represented by ELA, now joins the other Signify brands represented by Synergy.


Founded in 1955, ELA is the most longstanding lighting manufacturer's representative in the New York Metropolitan area. With a history of representing HALO, followed by Cooper Lighting brands for decades, and then Hubbell Lighting for numerous years, ELA has shown strong capabilities in distributor channels as well as project specification circles. ELA principals Tom Sica, Ted Pearlman, John Weintraub and Brian Labbe are part of the newly formed ELA + Synergy.

Synergy is known for its ties within the electrical wholesale domain and a growing architectural lighting division. Synergy's strategic acquisition of Pyramid Lighting in early 2021 marked its entry into the New York Metro lighting arena, enhancing its architectural specification and electrical distribution model to cater to a broader client base.


Enhancing Capabilities and Reach

Both agencies have a presence in New York and Northern New Jersey. They now boast a stronger product lineup and increased staff presence, particularly in New York City, where each maintains an office in Midtown Manhattan, merely six blocks apart. The newly merged entity intends to expand ELA's West 25th Street office to accommodate the growing number of inside personnel roles. Meanwhile, the Synergy showroom on Broadway will continue to operate, incorporating new Signify and ELA brands into its displays following the merger of their line cards.

Synergy NYC has a team of 21, including a few executives who are based at the agency's headquarters in the Philadelphia area. With the recent deal to add numerous Signify brands, Synergy represents 71 lines. Its product range is highlighted by BEGA, Philips lamps, Advance drivers and the Genlyte Solutions portfolio of brands.

ELA has partnerships with 58 manufacturers and cites approximately 40 employees in the New York Metro area. Its product offerings feature notable brands such as Color Kinetics (a Signify brand) and Delta Lighting North America. After parting ways with Pinnacle Architectural Lighting in 2023, ELA secured a partnership with Coronet months ago, a prominent local architectural lighting manufacturer based in North Jersey, believed to generate over $10 million in revenue in the New York Metro market.

ELA nuances

Additionally, ELA represents Encore Lighting, a brand that is lesser-known nationally but an important provider of New York City code-compliant emergency lighting products, founded over 20 years ago by ELA Principal Ted Pearlman. Based in Queens, Encore Lighting operates as an independent business and was not part of the merger.

In 2022, ELA expanded its business interests to Miami by leveraging New York-Florida connections with developers and sharing numerous product lines with Slater Lighting, an established lighting agency in Delray Beach. Consequently, the agencies merged, strengthening their market presence and product offerings. Principals from both ELA and Synergy have informed Inside Lighting that the merger was focused on the New York Metro area, and ELA Miami will continue to operate as a separate business entity.


The merger of Synergy and ELA to form ELA + Synergy marks a continued trend towards lighting agent consolidation in the New York Metro area, and also gives Signify a large team of lighting project and distributor focused professionals to drive up market share in North America’s largest lighting market. As the industry watches this new merged agency take shape, we expect to see other independent New York City agents make moves to solidify and strengthen their futures.