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May 4, 2022   

34 New Lighting Partnerships Form

2022 05 New Lighting Partnerships agent manufacturer.jpg

It's been a busy time for Manufacturers and Lighting Agents forming new partnerships.  Here is the recent roundup. 


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  • Southern Ontario: Lande Lighting now represents Williams

  • New York City:

    • Let's get the band back together! Enterprise Lighting Sales is the new agent for Edison Price Lighting

    • Synergy is the new rep for L.A. Lighting

    • SDA Lighting & Controls now represents Apogee Lighting & Coloronix

  • Philadelphia: Illuminations Inc. has added WF Harris Lighting to its line card

  • Pittsburgh: REPCO II has partnered with BlackJack Lighting and LLI Architectural Lighting

  • Baltimore/DC/NoVA:

    • District Lighting Group is the new rep for Leotek

    • Ambiance Lighting is the new agent for Luminance Brands

  • North Carolina: SESCO Lighting now represents ConTech Lighting

  • Orlando: SESCO Lighting is the new agent for Luminii, ExpressiLight by Luminii, Optic Arts by Luminii, Purifii by Luminii and Senso by Luminii

  • New Orleans: WKA Lighting has added Starfire Lighting to its line card

  • Cleveland: Lighting & Controls has partnered with Amico

  • Columbus, OH: Lighting Unlimited is the new rep for The Smart Lighting Company

  • Detroit: Pro-Tech Lighting now represents Williams

  • Grand Rapids: Wizard Lighting is the new agent for Mumascape & Holm

  • Chicago:

    • Chicago Lightworks has added Orion to its line card

    • PG enlighten has partnered with Lusive

  • Kansas: Convergence is the new rep for Bold Lighting

  • Houston, TX: Putterman Scharck now represents something called Shropshire Shades

  • San Antonio, TX: Spectrum Lighting is the new agent for Crenshaw Lighting

  • New Mexico: Schroeder Sales has added The Smart Lighting Company to its line card

  • Las Vegas: Roth Lighting has partnered with Wattstopper

  • Los Angeles: L I G H T is the new rep for Xico Lighting

  • Oregon:

    • LIT Lighting and Controls now represents RP Lighting + Fans

    • Northwest Lighting & Controls is the new agent for Luraline Lighting, America Light & Alphalite

  • Seattle:

    • SeaTac Lighting & Controls has added Artika Pro to its line card

    • The Lighting Group has partnered with NLS

  • Alaska: Alaska Architectural Lighting is the new rep for Boca Flasher & Gateway International 360




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