February 9, 2022   

5 Big Questions: Trevor Palmer from Acuity Brands

We catch up with the President of Acuity Brands Lighting and Lighting Controls, Trevor Palmer, and learn insights into market conditions, Acuity's business and the company's official LightFair 2022 status.


Topics we explore:

  1. How does Palmer's unique background affect the way he is leading Acuity Brands Lighting? (0:51)

  2. What does the supply chain landscape look like right now – and is the worst is behind us?  (3:28)

  3. Acuity's 2021 acquisition OSRAM DS North America:  Is that a sign of similar things to come?  (4:40)

  4. Will Acuity Brands exhibit at LightFair in Las Vegas?  (6:20)

  5. Lighting Agents:  What separates the great ones from the good ones?  (8:09)

  6. BONUS QUESTION:  What is it like living in the same community that is also the headquarters location for one of Acuity Brands' main competitors?  (9:58)


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