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The NEMA Lamp Indices

The National Electric Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Lamp Indices are composite measures of NEMA member companies’ U.S. shipments of a variety of lamp types, including LED, compact fluorescent, fluorescent, halogen, high intensity discharge, and incandescent, and is designed to track underlying demand for these types of lamps. Product shipments data are drawn from statistical surveys and are adjusted for regularly recurring seasonal fluctuations.

LED A-line Lamp Shipments Increase in Third Quarter 2019 Compared to Second Quarter 2019


NEMA’s A-line Lamp Index has been updated.  To appreciate the changes we have made please read our announcement here. 

LED A-line shipments increased 3.3 percent compared to 2Q 2019 but decreased 3.8 percent when compared to the same quarter last year (3Q 2018.) Halogen and CFL A-line lamp shipments both decreased compared to the previous quarter and year. Halogen A-line lamp shipments decreased 1.8 percent when compared to 2Q 2019 and 25.8 percent compared to the same quarter a year ago (3Q 2018.)  CFL A-line lamp shipments decreased compared to 2Q 2019 and 3Q 2018, 29.1 percent and 61.4 percent, respectively.

LED A-line lamp shipments continue to grow accounting for 72.9 percent of the consumer lamp market, followed by halogen A-line lamps which account for 24.2 percent. CFLs comprised the remaining 3.0 percent of the A-line consumer market.

2020 05 lamp index 2.gif


Source: National Electric Manufacturers Association

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