June 18, 2024

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Casambi now taking orders for Salvador


Global leader in wireless smart lighting control, Casambi, is now taking orders for its new Salvador Series. Initially unveiled in March 2024, the Salvador Series marked Casambi's strategic entry into the wired lighting control market with a cutting-edge line of DALI controllers. The firm is now ready to take orders for this product series.


Helsinki, Finland –  In an industry-first move, Casambi’s Salvador Series, a compact yet powerful matchbox-sized module, transcends traditional lighting control by enabling seamless integration of DALI, EnOcean, and Casambi Bluetooth Low Energy-based devices. This breakthrough allows for the creation of hybrid networks that blend the reliability of wired DALI systems with the flexibility and innovation of Casambi’s wireless, smart solutions. Previously constrained by wired connections, DALI devices can now benefit from app-based control through Casambi's technology.

SAL-1064-Isometric-t.png“The Salvador Series is our bold step into the future, where wired and wireless coexist harmoniously. This innovation not only enhances functionality but also extends the lifespan and sustainability of lighting installations.” states Mark McClear, CEO of Casambi, adding “Moreso, this is 100% about bringing the amazing Casambi experience to the wired world.”

The key innovations of the Salvador Series include seamless hybrid integration, allowing the unification of DALI, Casambi Ready, and EnOcean devices into one cohesive network. The series also offers advanced control through the feature-rich Casambi app, enabling precise and intuitive management of all connected devices. Additionally, the Salvador Series provides data-driven insights by extracting and analyzing D4i data from DALI networks, facilitating informed decision-making and enhanced efficiency.

The Salvador Series 1000 is available now with subsequent series due to be announced and launched later in the year. For more information on ordering and shipment dates, please contact sales@casambi.com.

Casambi will host a webinar on June 19 at 10:00 CET introducing the new product family.


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