June 1, 2023   



Lumenpulse Announces New Representation in Los Angeles Territory


MPA Lighting and Controls becomes their new agent in LA, California


Montreal, Quebec - Lumenpulse is excited to announce that, effective today, they are joining forces with MPA Lighting & Controls, who will exclusively represent their high-performance architectural lighting products in the Southern California market.

With over thirty years of experience representing manufacturers worldwide, MPA Lighting & Controls has provided superb service and access to the most dynamic offerings available in the lighting industry.

"We are beyond excited to be working alongside the experienced MPA Lighting & Controls team," said John Melillo, Vice-President of US Sales, Lumenpulse. "The Southern California market has always been at the forefront of innovative lighting specifications being sent worldwide. Thanks to our shared visions for growth, this is an exciting opportunity for both Lumenpulse and MPA to use their technical expertise when positioning our products into the hands of specifiers and end users in Los Angeles and its surrounds.”

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of Lumenpulse to our line card," said Tony Stefani, Principal at MPA. “With Lumenpulse, we now provide a more rounded product offering with exceptional linear, point source, and area lighting solutions. Lumenpulse is synonymous with excellence in the lighting industry, known for its quality craftsmanship, advanced technology, and design versatility. Our partnership allows us to offer innovative lighting solutions that seamlessly blend into any architectural environment. From precise control over light distribution to stunning visual impact and powerful illumination, the Lumenpulse product range delivers outstanding performance and energy efficiency.”

For more information on Lumenpulse, visit www.lumenpulse.com

For more information on MPA Lighting and Controls, visit: www.mpalighting.com


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