March 29, 2023   

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NexLight, Inc. Announces Updated Warranty Terms for its Lighting Control Relay


BAXTER, MINNESOTA – NexLight, Inc. announced publicly today that its warranty for the CRC7000 20 Amp Lighting Control Relay will now come with a 20-year warranty from the date of shipment of your project. The announcement comes with a retroactive start date from when the company was purchased by now President, Nathan McCullough, and CEO Erik Lindroth, on December 1st, 2021. That means for any projects that have shipped since December 1st, 2021, the CRC7000 relay has a 20-year warranty included with it.

CRC_7000.pngBoth owners believe in the quality of the CRC7000 relay that is offered in the NexLight Lighting Control System and stand behind the track record of this relay. “The best way for us to convey our level of confidence in the CRC7000 is to provide a warranty in line with its quality. The core of our system is our lighting control panels that use this relay, so we want everyone from Factory to End-User to share the same level confidence in the quality of product installed in their building,” states Erik. “We feel that this is our way of firmly standing behind the NexLight motto of ‘For the life of your building’,” continues Nathan. “When you purchase and install a NexLight Lighting Control System, we are standing behind our product and that claim.”

The remainder of NexLight’ s offering still comes with the industry standard 5-year warranty. This product and information on NexLight representation in your area can be found at www.nexlight.com. Please reach out to us at sales@nexlight.com for assistance in specifying this great product in your future buildings.


NexLight, Inc. designs and manufactures an array of high-reliability lighting control products and systems for use in the commercial and industrial building markets. With more than 25 years of experience as a leader in the lighting control solutions industry, we are committed to producing the most reliable, easy to install, modern, and energy-efficient lighting control products.


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