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   October 31, 2022   


IES “Light + Justice” Symposium will be held online on Friday, November 4


On Friday November 4, 2022, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) in partnership with LightJustice.org will hold a day-long virtual symposium entitled “Light + Justice” to explore the intersection of lighting in the public realm with environmental justice and social equity. It will center on three 90-minute sessions, each featuring a moderator and a panel of experts. The sessions will examine 1) the history of lighting injustice; 2) current knowledge and policy opportunities; and 3) just lighting in practice (past and current). 

The final speaker lineup is as follows:

  • Opening the symposium will be current IES President Frank Agraz, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at Eco Engineering and IES DEIR Committee Chair Peter Hugh, principal of Hugh Lighting Design. Closing remarks will be by lighting designer Nancy Clanton, CEO of Clanton & Associates and chair of the IES Lighting for Outdoor Pedestrian Spaces Committee with lighting designer and LightJustice.org curator Edward Bartholomew.

  • The sessions will be moderated by Edward and fellow LightJustice.org curator Mark Loeffler, along with IES Director of Education and Standards Brienne Musselman. The wonderful group of panelists includes:

  • Educator and author Tim Edensor, Professor of Social and Cultural Geography at the Institute of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University.

  • Cultural anthropologist and author Celeste Henery, Research Associate in the Department of African and African Diaspora Studies at The University of Texas at Austin.

  • Research professor Daniel Mendoza with the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and co-director of the Consortium for Dark Sky Studies at the University of Utah.

  • Ecological lighting consultant Bob Parks, founder of the Virginia Outdoor Lighting Taskforce (VOLT) and the Smart Outdoor Lighting Alliance (SOLA).

  • Lighting designer and educator Robin Miller, principal of Philadelphia-based Miller Design Group, volunteer lighting designer for Community Design Collaborative, and adjunct professor at Drexel University.

  • Planner and engineer Giovanni Zinn, City Engineer for the City of New Haven, CT.

  • Urban planning and design consultant Ifeoma Ebo, founding director of Creative Urban Alchemy and an adjunct professor and visiting critic at Syracuse University, Cornell, University of Virginia, and Columbia University.

  • Lighting designer and educator Francesca Bastianini, a founding principal of Sighte Studio and an adjunct faculty member in the School of Constructed Environments at Parsons School for Design in New York City.

  • Lighting designer and educator Glenn Shrum, founding principal of Flux Studio and Associate Professor of Lighting Design and Interdisciplinary Practice at Parsons School of Design in New York City.


Meeting organizers look forward to your participation in the critical conversations, dialogue, and action sparked by this gathering!


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