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   July 27, 2022   

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Platform Synergies Group Announces Major Updates to SpecSeek


Richardson, TX – Platform Synergies Group (PSG) announces major updates to SpecSeek, a powerful new product search engine that revolutionizes the way lighting manufacturers and agents connect customers with their products.

Carefully designed and tested, the platform continues to evolve as a tool that differentiates from other platforms. SpecSeek dramatically increases engagement with products and manufacturers by allowing agencies to manage the software based on unique needs and challenges within their own specialized market.

“SpecSeek’s analytics show us how customers are using and engaging with the platform at any given moment. This guides our marketing and development efforts and makes us more competitive when agencies want to improve user experience on their website,” says company investor Lana Rice.

New Features

User Friendly. SpecSeek’s new dynamic search system lets customers instantly locate luminaires, controls systems, and a host of other products.

Agency Autonomy. Features include custom home page categories, local event promotion, and access to in depth analytics.

Improved Project Builder. Agencies and customers can now build and send custom projects to each other with ease.

Industry Partnerships. A strong relationship with Ingen Software Solutions, providers of the leading business management software for lighting agents, allows SpecSeek to work side by side with the Oasis Cloud based platform.



SpecSeek’s upgraded platform is now available to all agencies. Current SpecSeek users may upgrade to the new platform at no charge. Demonstration webinars are available (https://youtu.be/PxdNs6CE25w) and can be requested by contacting SpecSeek at www.specseek.com


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