August 4, 2022   

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Lumenwerx launches a new standard in curved lighting solutions with Curvia


Montreal, August 4, 2022  — With great excitement, Lumenwerx announces the launch of Curvia, a refined, state-of-the-art curved line of high-performing, meticulously crafted luminaires. Available in four widths (1”, 2”, 3”, 4”), three mounting options (recessed, surface, pendant), and four shapes (ring, capsule, square, and rectangle), along with the capacity to create a countless number of patterns. The lighting family is optically equipped with either Lumenwerx’s sophisticated, new patent pending Diamond-Prism OpticTM (DPO™) or the company’s High-Efficiency Lambertian Optic (HLO) with innovative snap-in SupremeGripTM (SG™) technology. With all of these features and more, Curvia ups the standard for curved lighting solutions, one that masters the technical ingenuity of rounding a corner.

Curvia excels in emitting light that helps to create interior spaces that are welcoming, both in work and leisure contexts. As Michael Simla, Chief Technical Officer at Lumenwerx noted, “Curvia with DPOTM, in particular, emits a subtle warm, glare-free glow that is incredibly comfortable for the eyes, delivering an efficacy of 150 lumens/W, not to mention a very low Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of less than 5.”

Esthetically, Curvia’s clean lines and sleek proportions make it an instant classic, and those equipped with the DPO™ not only integrate advanced technology, enabling beam refraction and reflection with exacting precision, but they also exude a quiet luxury thanks to the reflectors’ textured pattern that beckons touch and further appreciation.

“Not only does our Diamond Prism OpticTM deliver industry-leading performance values, but it is also in itself an exquisitely designed object with an embossed diamond motif that enhances the overall lighting experience,” affirmed Morris Feldman, Lumenwerx President and CEO.

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About Lumenwerx

Lumenwerx designs and manufactures architectural luminaires from the ground up, a practice that fosters our in-house ingenuity and allows for quick responses to the constantly changing requirements of the fast-paced lighting market.

Innovation is at the core of our creative process of realizing new products, perspectives, and technologies. At the end of the day, our offering is the result of our tireless quest to deliver the right solutions that address our clients’ wants and needs and lead us to our next lightbulb moment.


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