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   June 20, 2022   

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VEROZZA Lighting introduces MODULINE….a most flexible lighting system!


[Montreal, Canada] Verozza Lighting is most proud to introduce MODULINE to the lighting world! The Verozza Lighting modular 48V system MODULINE fits seamlessly into any application thanks to its low profile sizes and design. The flexible specification options enable the lighting specifier to create a system that is perfectly aligned to their needs and requirements.

With a narrow one inch wide aluminum profile, MODULINE is suited for ceiling and wall mounting. On the ceiling, the track can be installed with either recessed, pendant or surface mounted options. Diverse modules such as spot, accent or general lights can be clicked into the profile boxes without tools, which means free design possibilities for lighting specifiers. Different connectors in L, T or X-shape provide maximum flexibility with the design.

“We have been working hard toward this day,” states Jeff Kosberg, Vice President of Sales at Verozza. “Our agents and specification community now has full access to this exciting addition to our already existing product line!”

Verozza’s MODULINE……..available now to add new options to your lighting schedule!




About VEROZZA Lighting: VEROZZA Lighting is an architectural lighting manufacturer providing high quality luminaires that assist specifiers in achieving the perfect synergy between light and architecture within their lighting designs. Located in Montreal, QC, with sales agents throughout North America, VEROZZA is the North American partner of NEKO Lighting - a leading global supplier of lighting products. Visit https://verozza.com for more information and to find a sales agent near you.


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