June 15, 2022   

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SLG Breaks Ground on $14 Million Houston Manufacturing Center, Creates American Production Jobs


Stafford, TX - Construction is underway for a new manufacturing facility near SLG’s American headquarters in the Houston, TX metropolitan area. This 80,000 square foot building will enable SLG to manufacture its growing portfolio of durable luminaires in the United States. Over 100 jobs will be created to support these domestic capabilities.

As an OEM with over 25 years of manufacturing experience, the new investment allows SLG to produce their line of proprietary line of products in the US and alleviate potential supply chain challenges. Known for functional durable lighting products, SLG is able to redesign and launch new items on a monthly basis.

Establishing manufacturing roots on American soil provides the advantage of an 80% reduction in lead times for its customers.

Rob Cirello, Director of Sales for SLG, states, “SLG is bringing true manufacturing to America in a positive response to tariffs. By doing so, we can offer incredible turnaround on products with variations of color temperature, housing, finish, and custom tuning of the lumen package.”

Other expansion initiatives are also underway. A new state of the art 125,000 square foot US warehouse is nearly complete and is fully stocked with inventory. Customers will benefit from prompt fulfillment of orders on new and existing products, which is a rarity in a global environment of inventory shortfalls.

Michael Wu, Chief Executive Officer of SLG, adds, “By investing in a way to better serve our customers, this US manufacturing expansion is an important part of our plan to triple our revenue over the next five years.” With over 25 years of building deep relationships on a global scale, SLG is poised to leverage the most effective processes to deliver value to its customers and experience accelerated growth.

Contact marketing@slgus.com for more information.

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About SLG

Spring Lighting Group® has a 25-year manufacturing history producing luminaires using only the highest quality components. Precision engineering and extensive testing show SLG products will stand the test of time and provide customers with lighting solutions they can trust for years to come. Visit SLGUS.com to learn more.


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