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   April 26, 2022   

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National Lighting Bureau to Join as Education Partner for Light and Health Research Center


New York, NY: The Light and Health Research Center (LHRC) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is pleased to announce that the National Lighting Bureau (NLB) has joined the LHRC’s Lighting Education Partnership. The Partnership is a collaboration among businesses, organizations, government agencies, and other entities interested in promoting meaningful and effective education in lighting. The mission of the Lighting Education Partnership is to deliver high-quality education that expands the understanding of the value of lighting among end-users, while providing technical information to assist professionals to use light more sustainably to provide the greatest benefit to the health of people and the planet.

“The NLB is proud to be an educational sponsor for the LHRC. Sponsoring this elite team, dedicated to ‘advancing the well-being of people and the planet through the science of light’ illustrates our commitment to ‘Promoting Lighting Excellence.’”

- Mary Beth Gotti
  Chair, National Lighting Bureau

Like the LHRC, NLB is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the education of the benefits of lighting. With this shared interest, the newly created monthly series: Let’s Talk About Light and Health has been underway since the beginning of 2022. In collaboration with LHRC researcher Allison Thayer, the NLB has been instrumental in the development of this series. Randy Reid, NLB’s Executive Director, has conducted interviews with experts in relevant health fields to discuss the importance of light with a live audience. The goal of the series is to bring awareness to those who have not yet heard about light’s impact on health . Recordings of these sessions can be found on the NLB Youtube playlist. Learn about the upcoming events and be sure to register to be a part of future discussions.

“Randy Reid of the NLB has been incredibly supportive and involved in education initiatives by co-establishing the Let’s Talk About Light and Health series. We look forward to continuing these efforts.”

- Allison Thayer
  LHRC Researcher


To learn more about the LHRC’s Lighting Education Partnership, or to inquire about becoming a member, contact Dan Frering at daniel.frering@mountsinai.org 


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