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   May 25, 2022   

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How can the Business of Light help you achieve rewarding business and career goals?


A new non-profit organization called the Business of Light (BOL) has been launched in honor of long-time lighting design icons Barbara Horton and Stephen Lees. As well as designing award-winning lighting projects Barbara and Stephen spent much of their time throughout their lighting careers focusing on the business of design and mentoring next generation leaders.

The BOL was founded to create an educational platform for shared knowledge and training and to grow and strengthen the Lighting Industry.

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The BOL has brought a prominent team of lighting industry leaders to fulfill the vision including: Chip Israel, Steven Rosen, Carrie Hawley, David Ghatan, Anna Sbokou, Katherine Stekr, Tom Warton, Maggie Giusto, Stephen Lees and Barbara Horton.

The BOL is in the process of developing a series of business focused educational workshops and webinars with professional consultants on various topics on a subscription basis. We need your input to guide us to provide relevant topics for lighting professionals across all career paths and stages in their career.


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The BOL is excited to collaborate with the IALD at the Enlighten Americas Conference 2022.  This fall BOL x IALD will launch our first business workshop focused on:

"Leaders as Coaches: The art and science of coaching successful teams"
The Leader: The workshop will be led by a former CEO with 25 years of creative, corporate, and consulting experience, founder Jen Armstrong of Brightchirp Consulting has witnessed firsthand the challenges facing leaders today. As a former member of the C-suite, she began consulting in market strategy to help organizations achieve their objectives. Recognizing the chicken and egg synergy of leadership excellence and business results, her focus shifted to leadership coaching. She now partners with leaders on this interconnected journey of strategy and leadership development.


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