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   March 18, 2022   

PLC Multipoint Joins AAILA to Continue Support of Independent Lighting Agents



The lighting and controls company, in business for over 30 years, joins the newly established American Association of Independent Lighting Agents, to continue their long-standing support of the independent agents who support the industry.


Everett, WASH., - PLC Multipoint, the innovative lighting and sensor company who invented the first-ever photosensor for lighting control applications, has announced their partnership with the American Association of Independent Lighting Agents (AAILA) to provide support and thought leadership to independent agents in the industry.

A staple in the lighting industry, PLC Multipoint serves four different business divisions, each in a specific market: Commercial & Industrial, which represents commercial lighting control products and sells through a national network of sales representatives; OEM, which represents their photosensor products and sell through OEMs and distributors; Transportation Systems, which represents custom-created lighting control systems specific to the transportation industry; and Custom Engineered Systems, which represents their operational systems made to suit custom applications. All PLC Multipoint products are manufactured in the USA.

It’s because of this industry footprint that PLC Multipoint is joining the AAILA, says Joseph Briscoe, PLC Multipoint Division Manager. “In our more than 30 years of business, PLC Multipoint has grown to support so many sectors of the lighting and controls industry because of our focus on creating quality, innovative products. Alongside that growth we seek out new and effective ways to support the lighting agents who rely on our expertise as well as our products,” he said. “The American Association of Independent Lighting Agents helps us provide that support as a thoughtful leader in the market with direct connection to the professionals who need us.”

The American Association of Independent Lighting Agents, founded in 2021, is a collaborative industry forum that aims to strengthen the capabilities and professionalism of independent lighting agents while also enhancing their connectivity to lighting and controls manufacturers.

By joining the AAILA, PLC Multipoint will be providing continuing education to AAILA members, keeping them better informed about controls and daylighting. Additionally, PLC Multipoint will be sharing best practices to help the lighting and controls industry best serve the end user.

“AAILA is built on the belief that the independent agency model is the best, most cost-effective path to market for most of the lighting and controls manufacturers whose products supply the architectural, commercial, and industrial lighting markets,” said Billy Hodges, Co-Founder of AAILA. “The business of lighting is managed by professional lighting agencies in each market on behalf of the many manufacturers innovating specialized lighting and controls products. As the world evolves, it’s important that the relationships between manufacturers and their agents evolve to meet it,” he said.

For more information about PLC Multipoint and the four business industries, including independent agent resources, visit PLCMultipoint.com or call 425-353-7552.


About PLC Multipoint

PLC Multipoint, established in 1991 and built on the creation of the first-ever photosensor, is a long-standing leader in the lighting and photosensor industry. PLC Multipoint products span across four industry segments – Commercial & Industrial, OEM, Transportation, and Custom Engineered Systems. Their facility, located in Everett, Washington, is registered to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard and is a UL508A Panel Shop, delivering the highest quality products all over the world. For more information, visit PLCMultipoint.com.



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