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   March 22, 2022   


New EvariLUX™ Digital Suite Enables Regional Analysis of Street and Roadway Photometric Data


San Diego, California – In keeping with our long history of supporting the nation’s move to LED street lighting, Evari GIS Consulting, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of EvariLUX™. EvariLUX provides an innovative way to display and analyze street and roadway photometric data through the power and interdisciplinary approach of a Geographic Information System (GIS).

EvariLUX uses a combination of field audit information, luminaire selections, and available measurements of the physical environment, to generate lighting simulations for multiple luminaires across a comprehensive area. It then makes these readily available to view in a 3D web-based mapping platform. EvariLUX displays this data as detailed visualizations to optimize replacement LED lighting in dynamic conditions complementing a proven typical-based design process.

“Lighting is interwoven throughout our communities. Lighting is interdisciplinary, impacting transportation, planning, environmental and more. As GIS professionals working on many of the largest outdoor lighting projects in the US, we built EvariLUX to bring lighting data into an easy-to-use and engaging platform. We plan to continue to work closely with our clients in the coming years to understand their business needs and deliver solutions aligned with bringing value on outdoor lighting projects.”

Ari Isaak, GISP
Owner, Director of Innovation and Strategy
Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.

EvariLUX’s data visualization breaks down the walls between lighting professionals and project stakeholders. For the first time lighting professionals can identify areas of light trespass project-wide by placing their designs on a 3D map. It also empowers input from interdepartmental stakeholders by leveraging lighting designs alongside geographic datasets such as the location of frequent night-time traffic collisions, high-crime areas, endangered species habitats, and more.

“EvariLUX enables Lighting professionals to view illumination data in a new way. It meets a need within the industry and, I believe, it’s use will result in better quality and more efficient outdoor lighting”

Jim Frazer, Former IES Roadway Lighting Committee Chair
Vice President – Smart Cities, ARC Advisory Group

EvariLUX can be deployed on hundreds to hundreds of thousands of luminaires and can be customized to provide any number of specific insights on the benefits of improved lighting on your project. 

To learn more please go to evarilux.com.


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