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   February 8, 2022   

Meteor Lighting introduces two new architectural cylinders - Vela 4 & 5



Industry, CA Meteor has launched two new architectural cylinders in the Vela 4 & 5, that come with a transformative look. Designers can choose a sleek, contemporary cylinder for modern interiors or pair them with aluminum and polycarbonate shrouds for an industrial low bay design. The new cylinders have a lumen package range of 1,300 lm to 5,000 lm, feature standard dim to black compatibility, flicker-free dimming, and multiple beam spread options.

The Vela 4 & 5 optics use a faceted reflector with a deep-set design for maximum visual comfort in applications including retail, commercial, education, and healthcare facilities. Field-interchangeable optical accessories let the user choose from four beam angles, resulting in broad flexibility in lighting design.


Vela 4
12” Aluminum Shroud
Cord Mount


Vela 5
16” Polycarbonate Shroud + Conical Lens
Cord Mount

With the expansion of smaller apertures to the Vela series, this high-performing cylinder family which now consists of 4”, 5”, and 6” apertures, can deliver 1,300 lm to 10,000 lm, ease of installation, and field-replaceable accessories. Giving you all the performance, you need in one luminaire family. 


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Vela 4 & 5 cylinder highlights

  1. 2 Sizes | 1,300 lm to 5,000 lm delivered lumens
  2. Four beam spread options | 10° to 60°
  3. Flicker-Free Dimming
  4. 112 LPW Performance
  5. L90 150,000 hrs


About Meteor Lighting
Meteor was founded in Industry, California in 2008 and our vision is to Inspire the Space Around Us. We do that through our product design philosophy which is “Pure Brilliance”. A motto that means we combine performance, aesthetics and technology into all our products.

Hanson | Sales & Marketing Director


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