March 25, 2024   

Signify Taps Gormley Farrington to Rep Genlyte Solutions in Pittsburgh

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Will Cree Lighting and LEDVANCE soon be looking for new partners as part of the next chain reaction?


As part of a sequence of strategic shifts that are reshaping the landscape of professional lighting and electrical representation in the Pittsburgh and West Virginia markets, Gormley Farrington has officially taken over as the new representative for Genlyte Solutions, a collection of Signify lighting and controls brands. This transition, effective March 25, 2024, marks a significant development in the market, following the recent realignment involving lighting agent REPCO II deciding to part ways with Genlyte Solutions and align fully with Current.

Gormley Farrington's new responsibilities include representing the entire Genlyte Solutions portfolio. This encompasses indoor luminaire brands such as Chloride, Day-Brite, Ledalite, and Lightolier, as well as outdoor luminaires from Gardco, Hadco, Lumec, and Stonco. The agent will also represent Signify's Interact connected lighting, Philips Dynalite, and Color Kinetics, in addition to Philips professional lamps, EvoKits, and Advance drivers.


This appointment came on the heels of Inside Lighting’s speculative industry forecasts, notably a mock DraftKings 3:1 odds assessment that favored Gormley Farrington as the Genlyte Solutions representation frontrunner in Pittsburgh.


Legacies and line changes

Gormley Farrington now assumes the role of representing Genlyte Solutions, a position previously held by REPCO II for decades. This assignment has contributed to REPCO II’s standing the second-ranking representative in Pittsburgh, trailing behind Laface & Mcgovern, the Acuity Brands agent. This transition positions Gormley Farrington uniquely, inheriting a well known portfolio of established brands.

Gormley Farrington is no stranger to significant brand partnerships and transitions. The agency previously represented Hubbell Lighting, now Current HLI, until 2016 before reuniting with the brand in 2022. This upcoming change to Genlyte Solutions, set to conclude a two-year reunion with Current, marks another pivotal moment in Gormley Farrington's evolving relationship with leading lighting brands.


Second-order effects

The reassignment of Genlyte Solutions' representation to Gormley Farrington may have other implications in the region. Given the agency's representation of LEDVANCE and Cree Lighting it’s unlikely that all three brands will stay on the Gormley Farrington line card. It is expected that both LEDVANCE and Cree Lighting will be interviewing new agent partners in Pittsburgh and West Virginia soon.

Moreover, this transition occurs as the City of Pittsburgh embarks on an initiative to transition 35,000 street lights to LED by the end of 2026.

Gormley Farrington's new partnership with Genlyte Solutions marks the beginning of a new chapter for lighting markets in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. This development is a response to the new Current partnership with REPCO II, setting the stage for potential future changes, including the possible appointment of new representatives for Cree Lighting and LEDVANCE in the very near future.