March 19, 2024   

Illuminating Insights: LEDucation 2024 Kicks Off

2024 03 LEDucation kicks off.jpg

LEDucation 2024 promises dazzling displays and a surge of lighting people


New York City's lighting landscape illuminates with the today’s start of LEDucation 2024 at the Hilton New York Midtown. The event, known for its comprehensive seminars and expansive exhibitor showcase, is set to welcome an unprecedented number of attendees this year.

As the start of the event is just hours away, here are some final preshow observations.


Exhibit Design Maximizes Every Cubic Inch

LEDucation is often describes as a “tabletop show”, but gone are the days of a regional sales manger plopping a sample case on a table for the event. Exhibitors at LEDucation continue to pushing the boundaries of creativity, making the most out of the allotted 224 cubic feet of space.

The standard booth dimensions—7 feet in width, 4 feet in depth, and 8 feet in height—challenge exhibitors to design within these confines, leading to ingeniously crafted displays that fully utilize the available volume. Some exhibitors are able to secure double-wide and triple wide exhibit spaces that provide more flexibility and grandiose displays within these limitations.

lumenwerx double wide.jpg

Lumenwerx has a double-wide exhibit in the Grand Ballroom

Record-Breaking Attendance Anticipated

The buzz surrounding LEDucation 2024 is palpable, with registrations already surpassing 9,300. This figure sets the stage for a potentially record-breaking attendance, with organizers optimistic about reaching or exceeding the 10,000 mark.

The first day of LEDucation is typically the busiest. Last year, at LEDucation 2023, we found ourselves near the lunch table in the grand ballroom, where it was literally gridlock. This year, we have assigned a camera person to document the scene in that area.

WAC Modern Forms.jpg

Above:  The WAC Lighting / Modern Forms team await the doors to open on Tuesday morning

Extended Hours

This year introduces extended show hours, with the first day's events running until 8:00 PM. This adjustment aims to accommodate attendees' schedules, allowing for greater flexibility and engagement. Part of the strategy is to allow for attendees to arrive late in the day and spread out the traffic. We look forward to seeing how these extended hours impact the event.


Maximizing Exposure in Varied Spaces

The Grand Ballroom's status as the most coveted space is well-founded, given its size and prominence. But other halls are gearing up for high foot traffic, too. For example, America’s Hall I will feature the brands represented locally by Illuminations Inc., a lighting agent who might have the longest line card in New York City. With over 15 Acuity Brands booths and more than 5 LMPG brands, this hall is set to be a significant draw.

America’s Hall II, which saw lower foot traffic in 2021, is poised for a turnaround. The decision to host almost all of Legrand’s lighting and control solutions there could significantly increase visitor numbers.


The Social Circuit

A noteworthy aspect of LEDucation 2024 is the proliferation of networking events – seemingly more than last year. With the extended show hours potentially conflicting with these gatherings, it remains to be seen how attendees will balance the onsite opportunities with the social festivities. From industry giants to smaller brands, the array of events scheduled for the evening highlights the event's role as a networking hub.


As LEDucation 2024 gets underway, the lighting industry's brightest minds converge in New York City for a showcase of innovation, education, and networking. With expected record attendance, strategic exhibit designs, and a bustling social calendar, the event promises to be a landmark occasion for professionals across the globe.