February 19, 2024   

Ownership Transition at UltraLights Lighting

2024 02 Ownership Transition at UltraLights Lighting.jpg

Founding duo retires, passing the business to Kerbie Henry and Ryan Snow


UltraLights Lighting, a Tucson, Arizona based maker of commercial and residential decorative lighting, is undergoing an ownership transition. Founders Jim and Barbara Restin are retiring after 36 years of building and leading the company. Their departure marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter for UltraLights, with the baton being passed to Kerbie Henry and Ryan Snow, two engineers within the company who have collectively contributed fourteen years of service.

Kerbie Henry, with a background that includes serving in the United States Marine Corps and earning a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Arizona, has been with UltraLights since 2014. His role as Lead Design Engineer has seen him contribute significantly to the company's design and production processes. 


Ryan Snow, an Arizona native with a degree in Industrial Design from Arizona State University, joined UltraLights in 2018. His passion for design and the outdoors has influenced his work, contributing to the creation of functional and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions. Snow is described to have a strong focus on the UltraLights brand and its legacy.

The transition to new ownership by Henry and Snow marks a continued commitment to UltraLights Lighting's business growth and development objectives. Their collective experience aim to propel UltraLights Lighting forward, focusing on providing commercial and residential decorative lighting solutions.