December 6, 2023   

57 New Lighting Partnerships Form

2023 10 new lighting partnerships.jpg

It's been a busy time for Manufacturers and Lighting Agents forming new partnerships.  Here is the recent roundup.  


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Leviton makes moves in Dallas and Arkansas.  Current GLI consolidates with Current HLI in Vancouver.  SDA rolls out more line card additions in North Jersey.


  • North Jersey:

    • SDA Lighting & Controls now represents Alva, Baselite, Casambi, Day-O-Lite, Designplan, Inter-lux, RBW and TLS Architectural Lighting

    • Illuminations Inc. is the new agent for PMC Lighting, Masiero and LOFFKo Group

  • Philadelphia: Illuminations Inc. has added LOFFKo Group to its line card

  • Pittsburgh: REPCO II has partnered with Coronet LED



  • Atlanta: Lighting Associates, Inc. is the new rep for ILEX Custom Metalcraft

  • Jacksonville: Architectural Sales & Illumination now represents Delta Light

  • Orlando: Infinity Architectural Lighting is the new agent for Hess America, Griven and Wila

  • Fort Myers: Envision Lighting Systems has added Quorum International to its line card

  • Alabama: AMA Lighting has partnered with Hess America, Griven and Wila

  • Arkansas:

    • SESCO Lighting is the new rep for Intense, Birchwood and ConTech

    • Premier Lighting Group now represents De Majo and Pariah Lighting

  • Columbus, OH: Bright Focus Sales is the new agent for Wamco

  • Chicago: Chicago Lightworks has added Luminart to its line card

  • Minnesota:

    • JTH Lighting Alliance has partnered with Evergreen Lighting, Evo-Lite and Urbarn

    • Davis & Associates is the new rep for iGuzzini and Sistemalux

  • Oklahoma: Premier Lighting Sales now represents SunPark

  • Dallas:

    • Texas Lighting will represent CSL Lighting effective January 1, 2024.

    • Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls is the new agent for Aquarii and Puraluce

    • LightSpek has added Pageone to its line card

    • Nex Gen Lighting Solutions has partnered with Intense, Birchwood and ConTech

  • Austin & San Antonio:  Spectrum Lighting will represent CSL Lighting effective January 1, 2024.

  • New Mexico: Schroeder Sales is the new rep for Boca Lighting and Controls, MINIMIS and something called BYZANTIVM

  • Montana: Northern Rockies now represents Wila, Griven and Hess America

  • Phoenix: Wild West Lighting is the new agent for The Smart Lighting Company

  • Las Vegas: Nevada Sales Agency has added Benjamin Electric to its line card

  • San Francisco: 16500 has partnered with ewo

  • Oregon: The Lighting Project is the new rep for Jokerlight

  • Seattle: The Lighting Group now represents AstraLite and Pa-Co Lighting

  • Edmonton: WOW Lighting & Controls is the new agent for Artec Lighting Products

  • Vancouver: Inter-Lite Sales has added Current GLI Brands to its line card