September 8, 2023   

Bukas Lighting Group Acquires Custom Lighting Maker

Company adds iWorks to its portfolio that already includes SPI Lighting, FC Lighting and SSL Solid State Luminaires among other brands.


Bukas Lighting Group (BLG) today announced its acquisition of California-based iWorks, a maker of custom lighting and other architectural elements for over three decades. The deal includes iWorks divisions: Light Annex, DAS Decorative Architectural Screens, and Sirmos luxury interior fixtures. This move strengthens BLG's foothold in the architectural lighting domain, while also growing a vertical market position in upscale hospitality properties.

With the acquisition, Illinois based Bukas Lighting Group is now comprised of the following brands:

  • FC Lighting

  • SSL Solid State Luminaires

  • Paramount Industrial Lighting

  • SPI Lighting

  • and now iWorks and its brands Light Annex, DAS, Sirmos


We caught up with Andrew Offenbacher, President of Bukas Lighting Group, to get his insights into the company’s latest acquisition.

  1. What does iWorks do and why did Bukas Lighting Group acquire the company? (0:50)

  2. What product categories does iWorks have? (2:!0)

  3. How will iWorks be integrated into Bukas Lighting Group? (3:08)

  4. What is the message to lighting people on how they might be able to access iWork products? (4:32)

  5. How exactly does iWorks go to market? (5:21)

  6. With pure custom lighting makers what should a specifier or agent do if they want to use iWorks custom products on a project? (5:58)

  7. Bukas Lighting Group has numerous brands. What is the M&A strategy? (7:05)


PRESS RELEASE: Bukas Lighting Group announces the acquisition of iWorks and related divisions.

The acquisition of iWorks further solidifies BLG’s presence in the architectural lighting space.


St. Charles, Illinois, September 8, 2023 — Today, the Bukas Lighting Group (BLG) is announcing the acquisition of California-based iWorks ( and its divisions Light Annex portable guestroom lighting for hospitality (, DAS Decorative Architectural Screens (, and Sirmos small batch, luxury interior fixtures (

For over 30 years, iWorks has been the hospitality industry’s leading custom public space and guest room lighting manufacturer for upscale properties.

During the transaction closing, BLG’s CEO, Bruce Bukas, noted: “We are delighted to welcome the iWorks, Light Annex, DAS, and the Sirmos teams, along with its founder, Eric Dortch, to BLG’s stable of deeply experienced U.S. lighting manufacturers. While iWorks operates in a different channel than BLG’s other Commercial and Industrial brands, our growth model is first and foremost based on investing in excellent, standalone lighting companies”. 

In addition, BLG’s President, Andrew Offenbacher, stated: “BLG’s brands thrive under our approach of enabling them to operate independently, although they often find opportunities to take advantage of synergies.”

This acquisition further solidifies BLG’s presence in the architectural lighting space. BLG’s complete list of subsidiaries includes FC LightingSolid State Luminaires (SSL)Paramount Industrial LightingSPI LightingiWorksLight AnnexDASSirmos, and the ETL and NVLAP-accredited Illuminations Testing Laboratory.