September 8, 2023   

5 Things to Know:  Week Ending September 9

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SESCO Lighting comments on Texas speculation.  Plus, this agent event was a hit with Chicago specifiers.


Here's a roundup of some of the week's happenings curated to help lighting people stay informed.   


1.  SESCO’s Texas Comments

Weeks ago, when we first noticed that SESCO Lighting would be exhibiting at the upcoming ArchLIGHT Summit in Dallas, we reached out to the world’s largest lighting agent for an explanation.  The lighting agency covers numerous markets in the Southern U.S., but is not a lighting representative in Texas.

With very recent marketplace changes in Texas and in other adjacent markets, the chatter and speculation about SESCO Lighting’s Texas intentions has hit a more feverish level in some lighting circles – so we reached out again to SESCO Lighting – this time to President and CEO, John Palk, for comments. This is what he shared:


“I have heard a lot recently about SESCO and our involvement with ArchLIGHT Summit in a few weeks.  The real story is, we are fortunate to represent many great manufacturers over a fairly sizeable footprint."


"Today, more than ever, designers, contractors and other notable industry professionals are doing work across many regions, including ours.  We have tremendous respect for these clients and want them to know they have both our manufacturers’ and SESCO’s support when they are working within an area we cover.  SESCO offers a comprehensive strategy for supporting clients’ designs and efforts as they work within the 25 markets we cover.”


“That is solely the reason we are participating in this year’s ArchLIGHT Summit.  We are excited to interface with many familiar faces and names that we have only known through the years via email and phone.”


— John Palk, President & CEO
SESCO  Lighting


2.  More Details Emerge on Lumax Lighting Closure reported on August 28 that longtime lighting brand Lumax Lighting shut down abruptly after 47 years in business.  WTAJ Altoona, Pennsylvania's I-Team has uncovered more information relating to how employees were impacted by the sudden closure of Lumax Lighting,

As WTAJ informs, Lumax Lighting, which has been part of the area for decades, closed its doors unexpectedly, leaving its employees and the community in shock. This unexpected turn comes after the recent death of the company's owner. Among the 20 union workers affected, three had been with Lumax Lighting for over 40 years. It's been particularly distressing for these dedicated employees, some of whom discovered the closure through a sign taped to the company's door. As per WTAJ, local organizations are now stepping in to assist these employees, with CareerLink notably mentioned for their efficacy in such situations. Employees were informed via a sign to make appointments to retrieve their belongings, but according to WTAJ's Jillian Haggerty, none have been able to do so yet.




3.   PG Enlighten Specifier Showcase


Last night in Chicago’s Fulton Market District longtime lighting agent PG Enlighten hosted its second annual PG Enlighten Specifier Showcase. The event showcased dozens of leading lighting and controls brands against the impressive Chicago skyline. was on hand to witness hundreds of lighting enthusiasts engage with products and enjoy adult beverages. The evening was a celebration of architectural lighting and camaraderie.

Product displays concluded at 9 p.m., but the vibrant atmosphere lasted past 11 p.m as attendees moved to the 17th floor indoor/outdoor bar featuring live music and fire pits. Our standout spot was the bourbon tasting area sponsored by Leviton Lighting Controls and its lighting brands Con-Tech, Intense, Birchwood and Viscor. (We're grateful for the several glasses of Weller. One ice cube.)

Feedback from specifiers, general contractors and manufacturers was overwhelmingly positive. Exciting raffle prizes and branded party favors rounded off a meticulously planned event by one of Chicago's premier lighting agents.



4.   Milwaukee Streetlight Repair Sees Cost Escalation


Brighter streetlights could be coming to Milwaukee due to challenges faced with the original plan to replace older streetlights, reports the Fox 6 News Milwaukee I-Team.

Milwaukee, initially aiming to fix problematic streetlight circuits, had allocated $19.5 million for the purpose. However, the capacity to implement these changes has been strained as funds are introduced into the system faster than it can handle. As the I-Team from Fox 6 News Milwaukee highlights, the city tried twice to find outside contractors to replace the circuits. However, the bids received were significantly over the estimated cost. Consequently, the Department of Public Works proposed redirecting the remaining circuit funds towards LED lights installation across all fixtures.

This change would potentially save the city about $750,000 annually. Nevertheless, certain areas with the most challenging circuits might continue to face darkness. The proposal received the green light from the Public Works Committee, but awaits approval from the full Milwaukee Common Council.



5.   3D Printing for Lighting Conference


The Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute recently convened thought leaders from the lighting, advanced materials, and 3D printing sectors at the inaugural 3D Printing for Lighting conference during the SPIE Optics + Photonics 2023 meeting in San Diego. Key points from the conference as reported by LRC include:

  1. Leading researchers and industry representatives discussed the transformative impact of 3D printing on the lighting industry during the event on August 22 and 23.
  2. Important topics covered were:
  • Case studies from top lighting manufacturers regarding 3D-printed fixtures and components.
  • Characterization of 3D-printed components such as lenses and heat sinks.
  • Post-processing techniques for 3D-printed optical parts.
  • Innovations in 3D printing materials, machinery, and software for lens design and lighting layout automation.

A pivotal outcome from the conference was an agreement to establish a shared vocabulary to foster collaboration across the involved sectors. Nadarajah Narendran, Ph.D., LRC's director of research, emphasized the importance of this initiative, noting that the LRC will spearhead the development of this vocabulary document in collaboration with industry bodies IES and NEMA.

The LRC highlighted that the event aimed to pave the way for future dialogues on the challenges and prospects of 3D printing in lighting. The conference's complete proceedings will soon be accessible via SPIE’s Digital Library. For further details, the LRC’s 3D Printing for Lighting Conference website can be consulted.


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