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   June 29, 2022   

Prizm Lighting Presents a One Size Fits All Solution for Commercial Outdoor Lighting Needs with Senik Reflekt

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Senik Reflekt provides infinite dynamic visual effects for any outdoor lighting design


DENVER, COLORADO – PRIZM Lighting, offering innovative lighting solutions to transform environments with LED lighting technology, introduces its high-performance accessory-based Senik Reflekt for flexible outdoor lighting design including floodlighting, spotlighting, wall washing and grazing.

Designed for field customization, Senik Reflekt combines up to three units, each with -90o to 90o adjustability through a unique mounting system. As a result, Senik Reflekt can deliver a wide distribution of light to be aimed at the bottom, a medium beam aimed at the center and a narrow distribution can also be aimed at the top to fully illuminate architectural structures. Its field-installable accessories include optical distributions, die-cast baffled louver, half-glare shield and wire guard.

Senik Reflekt has a high lumen resolution ranging from 4,600 to more than 21,600 lumens. It contains six unique distributions that designers can use to achieve any layer of light for outdoor illumination including: 12o, 20o, 30o, 40o, 60o and 12x60o beam angles. Senik Reflekt can be controlled wirelessly with LumenRadio Wireless DMX, which enables color technology to be used for historical architecture and other unique applications where DMX wiring cannot be implemented.

Built around the Cree X-Lamp® color and static white LEDs, the Senik Reflekt is optimized for lighting applications requiring maximum efficacy and high light output static white. The vivid RGBW colors result in more than 16 million color combinations giving lighting designers the freedom to create detailed and dynamic lighting for any building, monument or structure. In addition, 0-10V control on static white ensures precise dimming or brightness as desired, while the DMX512-RDM control on the RGBW version provides an exceptionally wide color range.

With a rating of IK10, 3G, and IP67, the Senik Reflekt is built to withstand the harshest environments and applications. The floodlight features an IK10 impact rating when utilizing the optional wire guard or baffled louver accessory. The 3G vibration rating ensures position and tilt integrity for the most demanding applications, while the IP67 protection and marine-grade finish bolster the luminaire’s resilience for intricate designs in demanding applications.

For more information on the PRIZM Lighting Senik Reflekt, contact PRIZM Lighting at 888.297.0484 or visit https://www.prizmlighting.com/  and follow us at LinkedIn.com/company/prizm-lighting/.


About PRIZM Lighting

Always at the forefront of innovation, PRIZM Lighting transforms environments with LED lighting technology to entertain, inspire, and make the world a more enjoyable place. With the history and support of its parent company, American Lighting, PRIZM fulfills the needs of lighting design professionals and architects from project inception to completion. From residential to retail, and entertainment to hospitality applications, PRIZM Lighting’s comprehensive assortment makes creative and impactful lighting solutions possible.


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