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   January 31, 2022   

New Industry Association: ATLA – Illuminating the Complicated


The ALL THINGS LIGHTING ASSOCIATION (ATLA) has been founded as a non-profit organization to advance, support, promote, and contribute to innovation, science, and engineering in all fields of lighting, including architecture, health, horticulture, and entertainment.

ATLA has, with contributions from international colleagues, developed ATLA S001, Standard Format for the Electronic Transfer of Luminaire Optical Data, which has been published as ANSI/IES TM-33-18 and (in Italian) UNI 11733:2019. It has also developed ATLA S001-A, Amendment to Standard Format for the Electronic Transfer of Luminaire Optical Data, Including JSON Format. Both of these standards were developed as a public service to the international lighting community and are freely available from ATLA’s website.

One of ATLA’s goals is to communicate relevant academic research to professional lighting designers and specifiers through in-depth blog articles. Topics range from astronomical light pollution through circadian-based and horticultural lighting to ultraviolet disinfection technologies. Another ATLA goal is to sponsor lighting-related research through scholarships and mentoring, with an emphasis on cross-disciplinary studies in fields such as botany and computer science.

For further information, please contact Ian Ashdown at www.allthingslighting.org/contact.

747 Fort Street
Suite 501
Victoria, BC Canada V8W 3E9


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