31 New Lighting Partnerships

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It's been a busy time for Manufacturers and Lighting Agents forming new partnerships.  Here is the recent roundup.  (And subscribe for weekly updates like this)


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Toronto:  The local Acuity Brands GTA team is the new rep for WAC Lighting

New York Metro:  

Philadelphia, Southern NJ and All 3 Counties of Delaware:  

  • Lighting Solutions has added Soltech Smart Solar Lighting to its line card
  • Illuminations Inc. has partnered with Deco Lighting, Luraline Lighting, LuxFormae and Revelite 
  • Diversified is the new rep for ANP Lighting, Hilumz  & Platformatics

DC & Baltimore:  Chesapeake now represents LEDScape Lighting

Pittsburgh:  REPCO II is the new agent for Ragni Lighting & Artience

Richmond, VA:  Old Dominion has added FOLIO to its line card

Raleigh, NC:  KB Stephens has partnered with LIGEO

South Carolina:  The Schneider Company is the new rep for ILight Technologies

Florida:  SESCO Lighting now represents Slamp

Columbus, OH:  

  • Lighting Unlimited is the new agent for CGF Design Inc
  • Lighting Systems of Columbus has added Nanometer Lighting to its line card

Cincinnati:  K2SA has partnered with Nadarra

Detroit:  Gasser Bush is the new rep for Gripple

Chicago, IL:  P-G Enlighten now represents ModuLED

Wisconsin:  Mlazgar is the new agent for FX Lighting

St. Louis:  Lighting Associates has added Modular International Inc to its line card

Arkansas:  Curtis Stout has partnered with Ferroluce & FX Lighting

Houston:  Putterman Scharck is the new rep for Eiko

Dallas:  ALA now represents Karice & Eiko

Montana:  MH Lighting is the new agent for Hubbell Lighting

Saskatchewan:  Electra Sales has added PMC Lighting to its line card

Utah:  JRC has partnered with Brownlee Lighting

Las Vegas:   Nevada Sales Agency is the new rep for Flexalighting

Los Angeles:  Performance Lighting now represents Sonneman & Sea Gull Lighting

San Francisco:  

  • 16500 is the new agent for Cerno & Revelite
  • Cal Lighting has added Saliot to its line card

Seattle:  Sea Tac Lighting has partnered with Intra Lighting


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February 23, 2020

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