April 1, 2024   

The Lighting Exchange Enters Controls Market

The Lighting Exchange aims to provide a unique control solution that connects the entire lighting industry 


Over the past decade, The Lighting Exchange has established quite the community of lighting professionals, connecting over 400 Lighting Agencies, approximately 2,000 Manufacturers and over 30,000 Specifiers, Distributors, and Contractor users who utilize LEX for Project Management, Content Syndication, and an entire suite of Sales & Marketing tools. LEX now aims to protect industry stakeholders from solar flares with its first lighting control device product, LEXSPEX 3000.

Your Lighting Brand and The Lighting Exchange Co-Founder and Principal Jonathan Ayala states, "Happy April Fool's Day, lighting friends. We love lighting, and we also love a good April Fool's Day joke. We've officially decided to leave the real lighting control products to the experts, and we will focus on what we do best...empowering lighting manufacturers to support their sales agents throughout North America."

Manufacturers can learn more here: https://www.lighting.exchange/manufacturers/getting_started

The Lighting Exchange invites you to celebrate light together and join their exclusive Solar Eclipse Watch Party on April 8th, using your pair of LEXSPEX 3000. 


NOTE: This article and video are brought to you in partnership with The Lighting Exchange.