March 29, 2024  

5 Things to Know:  Week Ending March 30

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New LightFair branding and website.  Plus, lighting nostalgia is having a moment of revivial on TikTok.


Here's a roundup of some of the week's happenings curated to help lighting people stay informed. 


1.  LightFair Marketing Modifications

lightfair-website down.png

A month after transferring one-third of LightFair's ownership from ANDMORE to Messe Frankfurt, the new owners appear to be implementing branding and marketing modifications. The Inside Lighting I-Team has found that over 150 web pages from the previous LightFair website at have disappeared, replaced by a new event microsite hosted on

Moreover, the former red LightFair logo has been replaced. New versions of the LightFair logo feature the same design but in gold letters or black letters, accompanied by a small “presented by light + building” tagline.

new lightfair logo messe frankfurt presented light building.png


2 OLEDs for General Lighting: Not dead yet?

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)  were once considered a promising technology for general lighting. However, due to their shorter lifetimes compared to traditional LEDs and efficiencies below 80 lumens per watt, the LED lighting industry has advanced without significant regard for OLEDs.

A recent scientific paper by Diesing, Zhang, Zysman-Colman, and Samuel introduces a method to overcome a significant efficiency challenge in OLEDs, especially those using thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) materials.

OLEDs typically face a notable decrease in efficiency at elevated drive currents, a phenomenon known as efficiency roll-off, which hampers the practical use of OLEDs in high-brightness applications, such as general lighting. The authors propose a new figure of merit (FOM) for these materials that minimizes efficiency roll-off. By correlating the FOM with the current density at which the OLED's external quantum efficiency drops to 90% of its peak value (known as J90), researchers can evaluate the potential of TADF materials to sustain higher efficiency at elevated brightness levels. In essence, the FOM provides a predictive tool for material scientists and engineers to design and select TADF materials that minimize efficiency loss at high brightness, leading to more reliable and energy-efficient OLED devices.

The research indicates that materials designed with this new figure of merit could achieve higher efficiency at elevated brightness levels, essential for lighting applications.


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3.   The WELL Movement is Growing

Today the International Well Building Institute (WELL) issued its 2023 Annual Report entitled, "Our Movement is Growing."

According to the report, WELL has marked significant achievements in promoting healthier living spaces. The organization's global influence has expanded through strengthened connections at summits worldwide, a louder advocacy voice at major international events and with governments, and widespread alliances, notably with USGBC for dual LEED and WELL certification. WELL anticipates even greater strides in the future, emphasizing the critical role of community engagement in WELL's success.

Also according to the report, WELL's global impact has significantly expanded, reaching 24.9 million people across 42,492 locations and covering nearly 5 billion square feet in 130 countries. The initiative has garnered support from over 150 companies within the Global 500 and Fortune 500, with an enrollment rate exceeding 60 million square feet per month. Additionally, WELL's network has grown to include more than 25,253 APs and registrants from 128 countries, supported by 330 WELL Faculty members.


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4.   Tiffany Lamps Are Having a Moment on TikTok

Move over, Stanley tumblers. It seems the latest objects taking TikTok by storm are Tiffany lamps, this according to a recent report in Artnet.  Tiffany Studios stopped producing the namesake lamps in 1933 leading to an increase in their value due to growing scarcity. These items hold a special appeal, particularly for fans in their teens and 20s, who find sentimental and nostalgic value in them.


@stvalentstudio Painting this traditional stained glass design in my own style #stainedglassart #stainedglasspainting #stainedglassartist #stainedglassdiy original sound - St’Valent


Beyond just the lamps, Gen Z is showing a keen interest in Tiffany-inspired tattoos. Los Angeles tattoo artist Beth Mintzer, who runs Lamp Lady Tattoos, reports about five requests for lamp tattoos monthly. In Wisconsin, tattoo artist Audra Grosz has also included a Tiffany lamp design in her offerings as of late 2023.


@santiagoinks I LOVE LAMP! I would really like to tattoo some more objects in this style. I still have a couple weeks available. DM me to schedule your appointment! #tattoo #lamp #tiffanylamp #tattooartist #californiatattooartist The Lamp Is Low - Laurindo Almeida


Also according to the Artnet report, Rago/Wright Auction House recently hosted its Art Nouveau and Art Deco Glass and Lighting sale, showcasing significant historical pieces from Tiffany Studios, Gallé, Daum, and René Lalique. The auction sale totaled $1.7 million, with Tiffany Studios highlights, all from around 1910, including a Lotus Pagoda table lamp that surpassed its $150,000 low estimate to sell for $189,000, a Daffodil table lamp that fetched $113,000 against a $60,000 high estimate, and a Dragonfly table lamp that exceeded its $90,000 low estimate to reach $107,100.


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5.   GILF attracts over 84,000 lighting people


While LEDucation took place in New York City last week, the Guzhen International Lighting Fair (GILF), a four-day event, commenced on March 18 at the Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center and drew tens of thousands of lighting people to Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China.

The GILF focused on intelligent technology, green energy and innovative lighting solutions. Under the theme "Guzhen Lights up the World," the event aimed to connect global industries and promote advancements in lighting technology and trade.

Spanning over 16 million square feet of exhibition space, GILF drew 3,300 lighting suppliers to present their latest technologies, products and ideas. The main venue saw a record 84,149 professional attendees from 140 countries and regions, including 3,026 overseas visitors, marking a 31.03% increase from the spring fair in 2023.


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