March 2, 2024  

5 Things to Know:  Week Ending March 2

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ams Osram's business just took a hit.  Plus, an Illinois lighting maker will soon close.


Here's a roundup of some of the week's happenings curated to help lighting people stay informed. 


1.  LumenArt to permanently close March 15

LumenArt, a small Illinois lighting company specializing in decorative indoor luminaires, announced yesterday that it will be closing its doors on March 15, 2024. President Darrick Gurski stated that the decision to shut down operations comes after nearly 25 years in the business.

The company will fulfill all existing orders and ensure that all agent commissions are paid in full. However, due to the extended lead times required for fabric products, LumenArt has ceased accepting new orders. Customers can still place orders for available products, including the Alume, Stilletto, Concrete, and Ring light collections, until the closing date.

For further inquiries, Darrick Gurski has made himself available for contact.

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2 Researchers Launch "Light O’Clock" Podcast on Circadian Rhythms

A new podcast titled "Light O’Clock," focusing on the intricate relationship between light and the human body clock, has been introduced by a dedicated team of researchers. The podcast aims to unravel the complexities of circadian rhythms and their significant impact on health and well-being.

Hosted by Carolina Guidolin, with scientific oversight from Manuel Spitschan, PhD, the series promises to enlighten listeners on how light influences our biological rhythms, affecting everything from sleep patterns to psychiatric health.

"Light O’Clock" promises to feature engaging discussions with experts in the field, covering a broad range of topics including the biological effects of light, its role in treating mental health disorders, and its overall impact on human behavior and well-being.

The bi-monthly podcast, available on major platforms, is designed to make the science of chronobiology accessible and engaging to a wide audience, encouraging a healthier relationship with light and our natural rhythms. Originating from Germany, the podcast is produced in English.


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3.   Apple withdraws project. Ams Osram stock drops 45%

In a story that is tied to the consumer electronics business of ams Osram, the company’s shares took a dramatic 45% dive following a decision by Apple Inc. allegedly scrapping a major micro-LED project. According to reports from MarketWatch and BNN Breaking, this cancellation has forced ams Osram to consider selling parts of its Malaysian production facility and to reevaluate its future strategy, indicating severe financial implications and a potential shake-up.

According to MarketWatch, the scrapped project was a cornerstone for ams Osram, intended for Apple Watch production starting in 2026. The cancellation has led to the company's shares plummeting to their lowest since the 2009 IPO, with a projected impairment charge between €600 to €900 million, highlighting the volatile nature of the semiconductor market and risks of having giant customers that can immediately impact your entire business with one decision.

BNN notes that ams Osram is now undergoing a strategic and operational overhaul, reassessing its investments in micro-LED technology—a field that promised to revolutionize the display industry. The need to reevaluate the expansion plans for its Kulim plant in Malaysia underscores the broader implications of Apple's decision not just for AMS-Osram but for the semiconductor industry as a whole.


4.   Illinois May Tighten Lighting Regulations

As reported this week by LightNOW, The State of Illinois has introduced a new bill, SB3501, aimed at regulating outdoor lighting to combat light pollution and promote energy efficiency. Spearheaded by Sen. Laura Ellman, the "Responsible Outdoor Lighting Control Act" mandates stringent guidelines for the installation, renovation, and retrofitting of outdoor lighting fixtures on state-owned or managed properties.

Key proposed requirements include the use of fully shielded luminaires to minimize glare and light trespass, adherence to specific color temperature limits and the implementation of smart lighting controls to dim or turn off lights when not in use:

Color Temperature Restrictions: Luminaires must have a correlated color temperature of 2,700 Kelvin or lower to reduce blue light emission and its effects on human health and wildlife. In sensitive areas like residential zones or state parks, the limit is stricter at 2,200 Kelvin.

Fully Shielded Fixtures Required: All new, renovated, or retrofitted outdoor luminaires must be fully shielded, ensuring that light is directed downwards and no light is emitted above a 60-degree angle from the vertical to minimize sky glow and light trespass.

Smart Lighting Controls: Mandates the use of dimming controls and motion sensors to reduce lighting when not necessary. Lights must be dimmed by at least 50% or turned off after 11:00 p.m. or one hour after business closure, whichever is earlier.

Minimized Light Trespass: Lighting must not exceed an illuminance of 0.05 lux at the property boundary, reducing unwanted spill-over light onto neighboring properties.

Outdoor Lighting Minimization: Exterior lighting intensity must not exceed 10% above ANSI/IES standards or U.S. Department of Transportation recommendations, ensuring that lighting is used efficiently and only where necessary.

Facade and Interior Lighting: Facade lighting must be downward projecting and adhere to the same minimization principles, including avoiding light trespass. Interior lighting visible from outside must be minimized to prevent light pollution.

The bill emphasizes the need for responsible lighting practices that align with modern standards for safety and energy efficiency, setting a precedent for private entities to follow. Exemptions are provided for certain situations, such as emergency services and navigational lighting.


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5.   Inside Light + Building 2024

Over the past few days, the Inside Lighting team has been lollygagging in Amsterdam, Netherlands, before heading to Frankfurt, Germany, for the upcoming Light + Building trade show at Messe Frankfurt.

The event, recognized as the largest lighting trade show globally, is scheduled from Sunday, March 3, to Thursday, March 7. We will meet numerous North American lighting people during the event and look forward to bringing you the stories of the people, the products, and the event itself. With more than 2,000 exhibitors and an expected attendance exceeding 100,000, this year's event promises significant industry insights.


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If you are a Lighting Person in Frankfurt this week and you wish to share your experiences at Light + Building please reach out via our contact form to arrange a discussion.