February 26, 2024   

Luminii Acquires Glint Lighting

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Company acquires sixth specialty architectural lighting brand in past five years


Luminii, an Illinois-based architectural lighting company has acquired Glint Lighting, a lighting brand based in Northern California known for its minimalist lighting products. This acquisition represents a strategic addition to Luminii's extensive portfolio of architectural lighting products.

Luminii expands its product line with the acquisition of Glint Lighting's unique luminaires, complementing and expanding its existing range of architectural products. This addition introduces advanced glare and beam control features, offering lighting designers and specifiers more options for architectural lighting projects.


Luminii's acquisition of Glint Lighting represents its sixth strategic purchase over the last five years. The acquisitions are:

  • Glint Lighting in 2024
  • Precision Lighting and Remote Controlled Lighting (RCL) in 2021
  • iLight in 2020
  • Optic Arts in 2019
  • Senso Lighting in 2019


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September 2023:  Andrew Kim (L) of Glint Lighting with Al Uszynski (R) of Inside Lighting at Light! Design Expo

Glint Lighting has carved a niche for itself in the market with its Hero product family lineup, which is engineered to integrate seamlessly into architectural spaces, providing effective illumination with minimal glare while maintaining a low-profile aesthetic. Hero enables the fixed installation of light fixtures and through the use of a tiny joystick in the luminaire, the installer or occupant can direct the light toward the desired surface.

Glint's lighting solutions have already established a presence in various sectors, including museums, galleries, retail spaces, hotels, restaurants, residential settings, and casinos, highlighting their adaptability and appeal in environments that demand both aesthetic and functional lighting.

Jeff Parker, CEO of Luminii, explained Glint Lighting’s fit with Luminii, "At Luminii, our commitment lies in introducing highly discreet solutions that seamlessly blend form and function. The addition of Glint enhances this commitment, merging their expertise in well-being-focused products with our legacy of innovation in architectural lighting."


More Glint Details

The team at Glint Lighting, though small, boasts impressive qualifications, holding degrees from MIT, UC Berkeley, and Yale among others. The original company, Glint Photonics, which has a broader scope beyond lighting, was not part of the acquisition by Luminii and appears set to continue its operations and ventures independently.

Manufacturing of the Glint Hero product line will predominantly remain in Burlingame, California, with plans to assess and identify operational efficiencies throughout the companies as the integration process advances. Luminii believes that maintaining operations in Burlingame, CA, will incorporate best practices and draw on new expertise from the Glint team across all Luminii manufacturing sites.

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Leadership Transition:

With the completion of the Glint acquisition, the company will come under the leadership of the Luminii leadership team. Several Glint Lighting team members will join Luminii, taking on various roles to support the integration of this exceptional organization.

Luminii disclosed to Inside Lighting its strategy to grow through a combination of strategic acquisitions, organic growth and research & development. Furthermore, the company has communicated initial details of this acquisition to its agent partners and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Merrimack Group, a specialized M&A firm with a focus on the lighting industry, represented Glint in the deal.