December 2, 2023   

5 Things to Know:  Week Ending December 2

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New data reveals progress in modern lighting controls. Plus, Orion faces an impending challenge it may avert in the coming days.


Here's a roundup of some of the week's happenings curated to help lighting people stay informed.   


1.  Progress of Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (LLLC) in U.S. Markets Backed by New Data

In a comprehensive report by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), the latest market progress evaluation for their Luminaire-Level Lighting Controls (LLLC) Initiative is detailed, building upon the initial findings from 2021. This initiative aims to standardize LLLC in commercial lighting, leveraging individual light fixtures with built-in sensors and controllers for enhanced communication and programmability.

The report highlights NEEA's efforts from 2016 to early 2019 in overcoming market barriers like cost and product readiness, including developing specifications, research for utility incentives, and installer training. With the program entering a market development phase in 2019, the focus shifted to increasing LLLC promotion, educating industry members, and developing case studies to underscore LLLC's benefits.

  • The NEEA LLLC Initiative has made significant strides in market adoption, with 11 out of 12 possible utility programs establishing LLLC incentives by 2022, reflecting a concerted effort to integrate this innovative technology into mainstream commercial lighting.

  • Remarkable progress in training and awareness: 71% of surveyed lighting installation companies now have at least one installer trained in LLLC, and 82% of designer/specifier companies are aware of LLLC, indicating a growing expertise and recognition of LLLC within the industry.

  • LLLC's ease of installation is increasingly recognized, with 74% of experienced installation companies reporting that LLLC systems are easier to install than other networked lighting control systems, highlighting LLLC's practical advantages in the commercial lighting sector.


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2 .  The Case for More States to Modernize Building Codes

Scientific American sheds light on a strategy by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to significantly cut carbon emissions and energy costs. By urging states to adopt stronger energy standards for new buildings, the DOE believes that the U.S. could see a reduction in future carbon emissions by nearly 2 billion metric tons and a $180 billion reduction in energy bills over 30 years.

This approach to stricter building energy standards across the 50 states, equivalent to taking 445 million gasoline-powered cars off the roads, involves no new technology or infrastructure, emphasizing the power of updated building energy codes.

FUN FACT:  Arizona ranks first in projected savings and reductions — both in total and per-capita numbers — in part because its building energy code is more than 14 years old.


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3.  Orion Stock Aims for Recovery to Avert Nasdaq Warning


A year ago, Wisconsin-based Orion Energy Systems (OESX: Nasdaq) was experiencing a stable stock price, consistently trading above $2 per share on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Fast forward to today, the situation has markedly changed, with a stock price of $0.91 per share as of yesterday’s market close. This downward trajectory places Orion in a precarious position concerning Nasdaq's regulations, specifically the Minimum Bid Price requirement.

If a company's stock bid price stays below $1 per share for 30 consecutive trading days, Nasdaq will issue a deficiency notice. Nasdaq rules allow a 180-day period from the notice date to meet the minimum bid price requirement. During this time, the company's stock must maintain a minimum bid price of $1 or more for ten consecutive business days to prevent delisting.

Orion Energy Systems last saw its stock trading above $1.00 on November 8th, sixteen trading days ago. This date marks the beginning of a crucial countdown. If the stock fails to recover above the $1 threshold within the 30-trading-day window, the company will likely receive a warning letter from NASDAQ, initiating the compliance procedure.

Earlier this year, Energy Focus avoided Nasdaq delisting by implementing a 1-for-7 reverse stock split.


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Source: Trading View

4.   Sonepar Canada Announces New President


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George McClean

Sonepar, a global leader in B-to-B electrical product distribution, has announced the retirement of François Anquetil as President of Sonepar Canada, effective March 2024. François has had a distinguished 36-year career with Sonepar, holding key positions like President of Lumen, Vice President of Vendor Relations, and CFO for Sonepar Canada, as well as President of two divisions at Sonepar France. Under his leadership, Sonepar Canada experienced significant growth, doubling in size and undertaking transformational projects to enhance customer service and operational excellence.

George McClean, previously President of National Tire Distributors, with experience at companies like General Motors and W.W. Grainger, has been named as François' successor. McClean holds a BA, JD, MBA, and is a CPA, bringing a wealth of experience in strategic development, acquisitions, and digitalization. Rob Taylor, President of Sonepar North America, has expressed confidence in McClean's ability to lead Sonepar Canada, anticipating a smooth transition.

Sonepar, an independent family-owned company, operates through 80 brands in 40 countries, aiming to provide a fully digitalized omnichannel experience to customers, with $33.1 billion in sales in 2022.



5.   Rexel USA Announces New CEO


Roger Little
Roger Little

Rexel announced the appointment of Roger Little as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the USA and leader of the USA-Canada cluster, effective December 18, 2023.

Roger Little has been CEO of Rexel Canada since March 2014 and will succeed Brad Paulsen as CEO of Rexel USA as Mr. Paulsen leaves the company to pursue another career opportunity. Mr. Little will bring to Rexel USA his extensive experience of the electrical materials industry and in particular of the industrial automation space.

Reporting to Mr. Little, Jeffrey Moyle will become CEO of Rexel Canada. Mr. Moyle joined Rexel Canada in 2016, where he held successive positions in the cable and utilities businesses as well as in supplier relationship and in digital.